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   Chapter 10 A Word From the PAst

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June's Pov

As the bus maneuvered out of the town and towards the city, I could feel my heart beating so fast it could bust only if that's possible. I was about to go back to my past after leaving it behind for two years and living in it every single day of my life. My life was so messed up when I got back to our town that my mom had to hook me up to a therapist because I was already on the edge of going insane. I would lock myself up in my room for days and cry till weakness overpower me and I lose consciousness.

My parent didn't take it serious, thinking I was going through the pain because I couldn't get myself out of it that way they did, they thought I had a weak heart, one that's not able to overcome pain. Until the day that they realized the truth: that I was a monster.

The look in my mom's face told me all I needed to know, she hates me for what I did and when I couldn't take it anymore, their absence from home because they were both trying to avoid the devil living with them. I didn't have a choice; I succumbed to my weaknesses and gave it all away.

Getting a razor blade from dad's toilet, I sat in my room and slited my palm with it in three exact spot, right on the veins and I watch those veins up and alert uncovered by the flesh no more, as blood gushed out of them so also was the life left in me slipped away in minutes as I was faced with darkness.

As my eye open to light, I was expecting hell until I saw my mom's face looking down at me and smiling and then I knew that yet, I failed again. I decided at that moment that maybe its just not worth it and maybe that's the punishment that I deserve, I have to stay and suffer for all the pains that I've caused this people. That's my own given punishment.

Live and suffer, June. That's what y

t stop telling her about how sorry I was for getting everyone into the mess I created and for not being the one lying down right now and not her.

"Happy birthday, Justine. I love you and I'm sorry" the day she was born was the day she died and her funeral was attended by almost all the student bodies. I couldn't finish my speech at her funeral that day before I was drowned by tears. But the last words written on her grave was the last words she told me. She was a beautiful poet and she would have been the world greatest if not for my mistake.

I went by the apartment before going to the bus station and after picking up some of my school stuffs that I left there, I decided to check the mailbox for the letters that Angelina talked about and when I opened the letter I realized it was two and it was a letter from the past. Dated back to 2017, two days before Justine surrendered to her creator.

One letter for me to be opened on my birthday and the other for Veronica on her wedding day and on the back, a small note was scribbled

"From your favorite candle that lightened up your world but got placed in the wind in no time, Justine to my most favorite girls, Ron and June

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