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   Chapter 9 A BIT OF IT

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 7918

Updated: 2019-08-05 12:51

Harry's Pov

"Where did you run off to" June had walked out after my mom came into the room to convince me about going on that trip to the city. She had managed to change my mind and get me to go for the test.

"Nowhere, I was just in the shop having a little chat with one of the customers who refused to be different from any other person in this town and asked me about my husband and kid. Can they just get to their own business and leave me the hell alone?" she was angry and I know laughing now will only make her angrier so I decided to hold it in.

"I would've laughed right now but not been able to see your face is the control key. Just relax, June, they're just trying to get on your nerves and you can't let them be successful with that"

"I'll try" I nodded and smiled at the fact that I was able to calm her down with what I said. Its June anyway, you can calm her down with anything. This June that I know now is different from the June from high school. That June was a crazy teen while this June is more and far better. Guess people change then.

"So, what's your final decision about going to the city?" she asked

"I'll be going there the day after tomorrow with veronica or you but that's only if you want to go with me" A part of me wanted her to say yes, that she'll very much love to go with me and I just can't explain the reason maybe it's due to the fact that I don't want the grumpy veronica who will do nothing but nag until the world said it's enough.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to go with you, I need to visit someone and it's very important"

"Ooh, it's okay. You don't have to be sorry about that and its alright too. Guess im stuck with Veronica then" I replied and I felt bad but quickly pushed the feeling to the back of my mind. "Don't have too much fun here without me" I joked

"As if"


Wednesday came like a flash and before I knew it I was in my room waiting for Veronica to come in and help pack some of my clothes since we'll be staying till Friday. June had insisted on doing it yesterday but I refused telling her to go home and prepare for her trip too. She had left after baking the world's most ridiculous cake and I couldn't stop myself from laughing when mom and veronica were laughing at how awful the cake looked and judging from the taste, I knew it would have looked awful almost like an oranguta

king your life difficult and getting you in trouble and you're telling me she has changed" I asked her

"Okay, I think I can understand you guys now. Let me explain to you. When I was in high school, I had three friends" Three friends, how come I didn't know about that. "One was June, the other was Justine who happened to be June's elder sister, June was a year behind us but we all moved together since June was the quiet type who didn't make any friend. Justine was the crazy one that use to tell you guys about anytime I come back home and I always mention June too because she didn't deserve any of the trouble her step sister was giving us" Step sister. We heard the door bell ring and she stopped talking to attend to it.

"What am trying to say is, you guys thought Justine was June maybe because Justine always tried to tell people her name was June to get her out of trouble. But Justine is not June, they're both different persons. I don't even think you ever encountered June in school because she was always invisible almost like she didn't exist" she explained and I couldn't help but wonder who it was that I approached then, was it Justine or June and I can't even remember the face because I just dragged the person into the dark janitor's closet without looking at the face and gave them a warning to stay away.

"Had it been you came for my graduation, I would've dragged her to you and then she wouldn't have come closer to you because she drifted away from us then"

I felt bad because the image of the June I had in my head was not the right image.

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