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   Chapter 8 STUBBORN

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June's Pov

"You guys forced me to get a nurse, you forced me to go out yesterday and you still want to force me to go to the city to see a doctor. Can't I make a decision on my own in this place? I'm only blind; my brain cells are working perfectly. You people should let me make my own decision. I'm not going anywhere and that is final" Never in my life have I seen harry this angry about something and to say I'm surprised is an understatement. I folded my hands just below my chest looking at him screaming his lungs out as if I'm not the only person he's talking to right now and seeing him like this is really not a good sight.

"Harry, maybe you need me to remind you that I'm the only person here right now" humor. It sure wasn't affecting him. I had asked about what the phone call was all about and after ten minutes of asking over and over again, he finally succumbed immediately I advised him to go for the tests, he flipped and here we are.

"I don't care if it's the whole world right now or just you" he replied bluntly.

"You don't have to pass aggression at me, I'm only advising you about the best thing to do. This is the best option for you, Harry. If they forced you to get a nurse, that's none of my business and if I forced you out the other day, it was for the best and I know you didn't regret it and if I'm advising you to go to the city, it is for your own good harry" I said trying not to be harsh with my words.

"You're not advising me to go, June. You're forcing me to go to the city for the test"

"Why would I force you? It's not even my eyes harry, it's yours" Immediately I said those words, I regretted it. He didn't say anything but we both remained silent for a while before I decided to b

s. I guess it's not my business. "You need to do this for them, Harry. They'll want you to go to the city and get your eyes done" she told him lovingly and I couldn't help the tears gathering in my eyes.

"What if I really don't want to?" he asked his mom

"I know you want to as much as we all do but you're just scared of moving on. If you really want to move on like you told me, going to the city for those tests is the first step and the first step is always the important one darling" I stood up to leave the room and give them the privacy that they need because I know they're holding back on some things because of me.

"I need to get some stuffs at the store, I'll be right back" I announced

"June!" Harry called and I stopped in my tracks.

"For telling them about this you sure do owe me something" I laughed and asked him what that was.

"What you were thinking about that day that you refused to tell me, that's the price you get to pay for what you did" he didn't even try to think about his mom and sister who were there with us.

I smiled and I nodded "I'll tell you once you get back from the hospital"

"Yet, another blackmail" he announced like we all didn't know.

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