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   Chapter 7 HOLD ON

Un-Till Christmas By Penangel Characters: 5804

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The atmosphere that morning was as bright as the sun and as I stood up to draw the curtains so some lights could come in, Ava pulled me back to the bed and stopped me form opening the curtains.

"Let us stay in bed for a while, I missed you so much and thank you for taking us to that amusement park last night. It was totally amazing" I smiled weirdly trying to process what she had just said. I thought… I paused and looked over at her. She was smiling at me. "Where's Ken?" I asked her and there by then, Ken started giggling from her crib that was beside ours. Ava is the paranoid type who believed something would happen to Ken if she's in a separate room, so we just put her there in our room.

I walked up to her tiny bed to pick her up and brought her over to our bed.

"I missed you guys so much

the same one you refused to get before going with your family, to Dr Adams, the optician that works at john Hopkins, you remember him right?" Who wouldn't remember Dr Adams, the one and only best optician in town, I met him once and I can say he's a really nice person.


"He gave us a reply and after several meetings with his hospital, we've decided to join teams with them to work your eyes Harry, you're getting your sight back. But you need to come down here next week for the necessary test before we decide the final day for your surgery. I have hope that you'll see again"

I was happy and at the same time sad, how am I supposed to see the world without them. It'll be selfish of me to get back my own life while theirs perished because of me. No! I won't do that, I'll rather be in darkness forever, than to pursue light. Because I asked for it.

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