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   Chapter 6 MEMORY LANE

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June's Pov


The ride from my home at the countryside to the city was far and stressful but the happiness and joy that ran through me was like an electric shock didn't make me feel the stress I was going through. I was happy because I was free, free from that hole that we call a town and I was ready to mingle with the city girls but I was scared that I might get labeled as a country side pumpkin.

I was seventeen and I was finally fulfilling my dad's wishes of going to college in D.C to study nursing, my love for the profession was fueled by my dad's passion for it. According to my mom, he was not able to become one himself because of his financial incapability at the time, so he retorted to learning car repairs and everything automobile and right before he died, he owned the biggest automobile store in the whole town and since he was a thoughtful husband and father, he had prepared the future for us, making sure that we won't' suffer even after he's gone.

I'm proud of you, June. I could hear my mom's voice whisper to me through the wind and I smiled.

I headed towards the dorm rooms and checked my college acceptance form to see that I had been assigned to Hall B room 12b. Getting to hall B, I traced the numbers of my room down the hall till I got to 12A, and when I turned I saw a redhead and decide to ask her where I could get hall 12B and she directed me to go up the stairs and as I dragged my heavy luggage behind me up the stairs, I remember to give the people who designed this hall a bunch of blessings for making my life miserable. After successfully getting myself and the load to the first floor, I realized that there was an elevator that I could have easily used and I shake my head at my own foolishness.

This is college, June. You need to be smart. This isn't high school, young lady. I reminded myself.

By the time I got to my room, 12B, the door was opened widely and as I entered I saw a blonde smiling widely at me.

"Hi, I'm June and I've been assigned to this room" I dropped my bag near an empty bed that I saw there. As I looked around the room, I saw that it had only two bed spaces, which signified that it was only for two persons and two wardrobe and two desks and chairs and also a walk-in bathroom and toilet. I heaved a deep sigh of

ut the talkative bird was still there waiting for me. As I got dressed, she kept on glaring at me giving me no chance to change my mind.

We got to the party, it was being held at a far end of the college environment and there were lots of students, both new and old ones. New faces and all and I was among those new faces, new preys too.

"Come June, let me introduce you to my cousin" Feb dragged me through the crowd to meet with a set of boys sitting down with the red cups in their hands.

Not boys, but Greek gods, they were drop dead gorgeous. I was blushing so hard my cheeks turned red.

"This is my cousin, Ned. Cousin, meet my roommate, June" I stepped out from behind her and showed my face to the guy, he was the most handsome of them all.

"Hi June, its nice meeting you" he stretched his hand towards me for a handshake. I never knew it was that one handshake that would change my life forever. From there, I stopped living.


"What are you thinking about? You've been really silent for a while and its unusual" Harry's voice snapped me out of my thoughts and brought me back to the present. It was about torain and my prediction and weather forecast ability was no good.

"Nothing exactly. It's about to rain; I think it's time to go home, unless you'll love to dance in the rain with me"

"Not in this lifetime woman" he replied

"Stop denying it, I know you'll love to"

"Maybe someday but now, I want to go home" I laughed again because I knew he just admitted to the fact that I knew he was lying.

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