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   Chapter 3 Nurse

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"I still insist on getting you a nurse brother. No matter what you say, you're getting a nurse" Me and Veronica, would happen to be my nightmare of a sister had been on this issue ever since I moved here.

She is always on my neck about this nurse issue and I don't want that type of life where someone is always at your back, watching your every step.

"I'm not handicap, I'm capable of doing things on my own. You need to stop all these" I used my walking stick to hit the table before me so as to let them Know I was serious about it.

"If not that you're partially blind, you would have seen the reaction on my face when you said you're not handicapped"

"Yeah, just rub it all on my face. Keep adding salt to my already open wound, please continue to tell me that I'm blind. I'll really appreciate that"

"That's not the point here, you always change the topic anytime I bring this nurse issue up, I'm not trying to hurt you by reminding you about your sight or anything, stop being like this for Christ sake"

"I'm not trying to be anyhow, I'm just trying to let my voice be heard. I'm only blind, I've got my hands and my legs. So leave me alone please"

I said

"Why are you like this?, The Harry I know will never talk like that, you've changed and I mean a lot"

"You're asking a man who lost his wife and daughter and also lost his vision within two weeks why he's like this" I said pointing to myself. "Like you want me to ignore the fact that everything in my life is gone and move on and smile, laugh and play snookers with you" I asked angrily

"What will you use to play the snookers?, You want to borrow my eyes?" She laughed "see brother, im sorry I reacted like that but it's just that I'm not used to this you. It's strange somehow, I'm sorry"

"Apology accepted partially and I'll only accept it totally if you'll give me some of the cake you've been baking" I joked and with the movements that followed, I realized she had placed a plate in front of me and also guided my hand to the fork.

"Oh my God, this is delicious. You should open your own cake shop when you get married, I bet you'll sell more than mom" I said

"Thank you but back to the nurse issue"

"Okay stop, you're too adamant for my liking. I don't like girls who are too adamant"

"I thought you don't like wild, sassy girls bruh"

"In addition to that is adamant girls too. You're becoming so ugly in my mind right now" I replied

"You need to agree to this nurse thing, mom is never around

these days, she's either at a wedding of a client or a birthday ceremony of a client. Her business is growing fast and you know how much she loves baking cake. About me, you Know I'll be getting married soon, I won't be here forever and always so you need someone who will be able to help you with stuffs"

Things would have being different if and only if, that event didn't happen.

"I don't want to be a liability to anyone of you" I told her

"You're not a liability brother, not now not ever" she affirmed

"You remember when we were kids and we used to play like family. Where you got married before me and had twelve kids, you remember right?"

"You always tried having more kids than I then, so I kept increasing the number of kids till it reached twelve. I knew then that you wouldn't want to increase yours too and that big Derek who used to bully us then because we won't share our candy with him"

"He was a real bully back then"

"Even though he was, you ended up beating him up and you told him to stay away from me. I was so proud of you"

"I told myself I'll always protect you but now I guess it's the other way round"

"No bro, it's not like that. You've protected me enough, now is my turn to do that"

"Okay, do enough if all these emotional talks, I hate it. So, who is this nurse you'll hire for me"

"Don't worry, you should know her. In Fact she's someone you know"

"Can you pass me a glass of water?" Few seconds later, my hand was guided to the glass of water and the touch was different. Maybe someone else was around but it's not necessary asking who.

"What's her name?" I asked after gulping down the water to a satisfactory point.

"June" she replied

"Wait, same June from high school. Your childhood best friend, you mean the same June Sandler"

"Yes" She replied laughing.

She Knows how much I dislike June and her lifestyle, not like I hate her as a person but the fact that I hate her wold, sassy behaviour is true. I've known her since I was in junior high school and she's everyday trouble. She was always getting Veronica in trouble and it got to an extent that they were arrested. She's bad news in one word.

"Do you have a gun there?, I'll rather die than let her be beside me all day, she's one hell of a nightmare"

"If she's nightmare then what is she doing here in broad daylight?" I was trying to comprehend what she said when someone tapped me on the shoulder

"Hey Harry, long Time no see" Right there, my death judgement was passed.

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