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   Chapter 52 Meeting Alexandra Yang, The CEO and The Lawyer

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 9893

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Since, the ceremony was streaming live, everyone witnessed what happened. Tim's expression during the ceremony caught the attention of everyone. Various comments were posted online

{It seems that he is not happy for this marriage}

{He is juts nervous that is why he maintained that expression}

{Nicole's wedding dress was amazingly beautiful}

{Ms. Lee was so in love with her groom, they are perfect couple!}

Meanwhile, Mr. Qi lead the car to Paris Private Hospital it was owned by Qi family where Alex, Tao, Jarred, Mother Huang and the rest of the wounded people will be treated. The ER was almost full and the doctors became busy and media were not allowed to go inside. Father Huang and Auntie Sally was so worried because they did not hear anything from Alex since they left this morning. She approached one of the men she saw in the house this morning. "Can you call Mr. Qi? We wanted to know the status of the rescue." The man hesitated to reply but because Sally was bothering him he decided to call Mr. Qi and told him about Sally.

Due to what happened, Mr. Qi forgot to inform the family about what happened, good thing, his men called him. "please give the phone to her" said Mr Qi. Sally's facial expression change while talking to Mr. Qi. After they finished talking, she went to her car and asked Father Huang for Tim's phone number, she called him and informed him on what happened. After hanging up the phone, she instructed her driver to go the address, she did not mention the hospital because of she is afraid that Father Huang may get nervous break down. In the meantime, Tim leave Nicole and rushing boarded in his car with Marco and Thomas going to the hospital. Sally and Tim's car almost arrived at the same time. Tim immediately look for Mother Huang and the kids room with Father Huang, while Sally and her assistant went to Alex room.

When Sally saw her niece she was devastated tears fell from her eyes, she hold hands and silently recite a prayer for her fast recovery. Tim was also shocked regarding what happened, he hugged Juliana and Justin who was now crying when they saw their dad they were traumatized on what happened.

After 3 months

Alex was now fully recovered from what had happened 3 months ago the kids went into therapy because of trauma. Nicole was still the CEO of the Lee Mansion but no power at all, since the majority of the ownership was owned by Sally.

Tim and Nicole was sleeping separately since the wedding day, he has no plans of living with Nicole in one house. Since then, he has many reasons not to because of the situation of kids and Mother Huang and also Alex. Mr. Lee was put in prison in a maximum security while waiting for the trial of his cases. Within that 3 months, Alex reputation was slandered because of Nicole she was labeled as the other woman just to justify the separation from her husband when in fact there was really no real marriage between them.

Alexis ma

to catch up with you, requested Mr Qi.

Alex felt it was odd but did not take it seriously. Tao was from time-to-time glancing at his cellphone to look at messages sent by Tim.

After they came out from the elevator, she was stunned because the whole floor was decorated with fresh and expensive flowers..her employees lined up and looked at her with smile on their faces, she was wondering what is happening in her mind. When they reached her office in the far end corner of the building her office was full of tulips, roses and orchid flowers of different colors and sizes. Her heart was beating faster, She looked at her secretary and she is smiling. Her office door opened and her parents went out with tulips in their hands and was handed over to her, followed by James and his wife and kids, then Alej and Charles, Carol and Miguel and some couple of friends. Afterwards, Mother and Father Huang then the three children. She was so touched and happy at the same time, her tears starts to fall the last that came out of the room was Tim holding a bouquet of flowers and his eyes are sparkling with so much and admiration. On bended knees, he asked Alex, "Will you marry me again?" Alex laughed while tears continue to fall and the people around them cannot contain their emotions as well.

She looked at everyone and they seemed happy for them her worries were washed away by their overwhelming support. She is confident now, that Tim knew about her secret through the eyes of Mr. Qi and Tao.

The wedding was held in a simple way and attended by few business associates and partners, family and friends. There were other guests who were not familiar with Tim, he asked her wife and she explained to him who they are. He was amused it seemed that he has a lot of things to discover in his wife's life…and he is not worried about it because he has forever to do it….instead, he is excited about it because he married an incredible and amazing woman.

-The end-

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