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   Chapter 51 Operation (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5549

Updated: 2019-01-08 19:01

The 3 guys approached him. "Any problem sir?" ask of the guys.. Tao stared at him and said, "We need to detonate the bomb, I believe the victims are inside the room" he tried to look and sound calm but his peripheral vision was wandering, when he saw that of the guys were about to point a gun to him he tried to counter them but he was cornered by the biggest guy and forced to drag him out of the door. Alex now step out and shoot one of the guy in the head and she step out. She point the gun the to the two men and asked them to free Tao, but the two guys just laughed at her without hesitation, Alex shoot the man on the left on the head, with only one remaining, Tao wriggled the arms of the man, and walked forcefully towards the door, Alex again worked on the detonating program her hands were trembling and she was so worried at the same time, with only fifty nine seconds left, the man is struggling to escape. "You're afraid?" asked Tao in angry tone, we will die together here, he continued. The man was so afraid and he burst out, "cut the green wire"!!! Alex and Tao looked at each other, and decided to trust the man. She cut the wire and fortunately it stopped. Alex was relieve they were safe, she was about to open the door but there was unexplainable something, she looked at Tao with curiosity. Tao understood her eyes and she open the door abruptly, and they were bombarded with bullets, the man they were holding became their human shield. Tao was hit but it was not vital. They finally, saw the kids and Mother Huang, they were surrounded by big screen live streaming of the wedding ceremony. They were crying and was afraid. When they saw Al

Mr. Lee and Nicole was surprised to see her. "Congratulations on your wedding day, my daughter, please accept my gift" the police step forward served the warrant of arrest to Mr. Lee. "You are being arrested for attempted murder of Ms. Sally" you have the right to remain silent anything you say might be used against you, you have the right to get a lawyer, if you cannot afford one, the court will appoint a lawyer for you. Mr. Lee's people was about to get a gun, but they were outnumbered by the policy and army present. Mr. Lee was shock however, he was not afraid to lose to company especially now that Nicole was married to Huang Family. They could buy the company back from her. Nicole cried for the arrest of her father and looked angrily at Sally. "You will pay for this!, I will get back my company from you just wait and see", said Nicole angrily. "And how will you do that? Or shall I say, if you still free by that time, because I will make sure that you will follow your dad in prison". Said, Sally sarcastically. Nicole cried and hold Tim's arms asking for support but he just let her cry.

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