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   Chapter 50 Rescue Operation (1)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5338

Updated: 2019-01-08 19:01

After a while, they went outside holding hands as if sending a message to all the guys present in the room, she is mine.

Good Morning Queen…greeted by Tao and the Guys. Alex smiled and greet them back. However, Tim frown why Tao and the rest of the guys called her queen he said in his mind. Alex and Tao looked at each other and understand Tao understand that Tim knew nothing. When they were in the corner, Alex told Tao that he doesn't know about the truth about her being in the organization. Im sorry queen, I thought he already knew about it. Said Tao. "I am planning to tell him everything after this issue" replied by Alex.

Everyone was busy looking through their plan once again, a breakfast was serve everyone enjoyed as if this is just an ordinary day, except Tim and Father Huang who was much tensed. While they were having breakfast, Marco arrived holding the contracts they made and hand it over to Tim.

Mr. Qi briefed everyone for the final instruction. Alex was silent she was a bit tensed because of the safety of Mother Huang and the kids. However, she is comforted by the thought that Mr Qi and Tao were here to help them as well as the top guys in the organization. Mr. Qi pulled the best guys just to make sure the rescue will be successful without so much casualty and to capture Mr. Lee for the final time. Police and Army will be involved this time.

Tim was silent but Alex just stood beside him observing. His expression is cold cannot be read and determine what he was feeling this moment. Father Huang stood beside him feeling worried. Auntie Sally arrived with

place where the victims could possibly be. They have to move fast they are running out of time.

While majority are exchanging their bullets Alex and Tao move on with the search. When they about to enter in one room, Alex noticed that there was a timer in the door knob. They have only 5 minutes to detonate the bomb. Mr. Lee was really a traitor, they don't have a plan to make good of their promise. They will kill the victims while Alex was trying to detonate the bomb Tao was calling one of their men who is an expert in bombs however, the call was not answered. Alex was now tensed, they must save the children and Mother Huang. The clock is ticking time is running low she became more worried and tensed. Tao, took over the detonating job..they heard a footsteps coming near to them it was one of the uniformed army. Alex sighed in relief, but she felt something wrong and the army has an odd behavior. She signaled Tao and she hide. Tao, remained at the door and pretended that he didn't know about their disguise, he remained calm and prepared himself.

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