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   Chapter 49 The Negotiation

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5826

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"put the speaker mode on" Said Mr. Qi

"Son-in-Law, I would like you to prepare a transfer half of your assets to Nicole and hand it over tomorrow before the ceremony start" Said by Mr. Lee

Tim was so shocked, disgusted and resentful towards Mr Lee and Nicole. All they cared for was money. But he is helpless he cannot do something about it because life is at stake here. Alex said to Tim just said yes through her hand language.

Everyone was disgusted at Mr. Lee. But they are at his mercy because four lives was on his hands.

"I wont let the bastard owned half of your asset Tim…never! Shouted by Father Huang. We worked hard for it and he will just simply asked for it…no. It's a big no. There can be a way, said father huang.

There can be ways, Alex said. First, You can transfer all your assets to any of your family member except parents and the kids as they holding you in the neck, Second, Invest your assets in other companies or change the ownership of the Huang Group of companies. By doing this you are dissolving everything in your possession, they won't get anything from you. But do you have any trusted family members whom you can entrust for the meantime all your assets? We can draft the agreements now. I will call Marco, we can prepare it overnight. Father Huang and Tim thought for a moment and agreed to her proposal. "Okay… I will call Marco now, you can continue your plans.. we will discuss this." Said Tim.

Mr. Qi and Tao was personally handling the rescue planning, they did not bother Alex as this involves her family it might affect her logical thinking when she becomes so emotional.

Tim, Father Huang and Marco was busy preparing for the agreement. Business Ownership of the Hung Holding was tra

heard Alex moan he kissed her passionately after kissing, Alex bite his shoulder and he started to move slowly up and down repeatedly until they both reached the climax of satisfaction. Alex was so exhausted at the same time, fulfilled she is now a full pledge woman and she belongs wholeheartedly to Tim. On the other hand, Tim was more than happy because the woman beside him was totally belongs to him and he is her first time…before they could fall asleep, they heard people talking and walking downstairs.

They went to the bathroom together and they bathe each other. He wanted to make love again but Alex protested because it was already morning and they need to prepare for their battle today. They went out of the bathroom and dried their bodies. However, Alex has no clothes it was all in her room. She put on Tim's t-shirt and will change into more comfortable outfit when Uncle Qi went out of her room. When they went out of the room a lot of people mostly men look at them..Alex was so surprised as well as Tim, he covered Alex's legs and asked her to go back inside. He stormed to Alex room and get her pants, underwear, t-shirt and flat shoes.

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