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   Chapter 48 Auntie Sally (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5830

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

Alex was shocked to know about her Auntie, all she knew she was already dead. But…she was alive and she just talked to her now…She went to the gate and let her in. She cannot introduce her to them because even herself is not familiar with her. Her Auntie Sally introduced herself to Mr. Huang and Tim. Confused of what is happening, Alex focused on rescuing the kids and Mother Huang.

She called Mr. Qi and Tao and she told her that she is at Tim's house right now. "Mr. Lee's demand is to get Nicole and Tim married tomorrow. We have limited time, I already asked Tim to continue with the wedding. We have to plan how to rescue and stopped the wedding". Said Alex. Mr. Qi and Tao sensed her worried voice. This is the first time that alex became worried and personally handle the operation. And they totally understand because her family is the victim. " we will go there now, Alex, wait for us and don't worry we will rescue them and stop the wedding". Said Mr. Qi in a calming voice. Currently, Sally is talking to Tim and Father Huang but was interrupted by the arrival of Alex. Sally then turn to Alex, " Alex, I have evidences against Nicole and Mr. Lee, you are a lawyer right? Alex was astonished because Tim doesn't know anything about her…she looked at Tim and replied…"Y..yes..Auntie Sally…"

"Okay, take this, these are the evidences of the crime committed by Mr. Lee, he planned my death to take over my company, various kidnapping case including Mrs Huang and the kids, death of various stockholders of the company and Anti-Money laundering fraud. She handed over the all the files including voice records of various dealings of Mr. Lee before. For more than two decade I waited for this time to come and finally it was here. Lat

say, I will invite you in our wedding..said Tim and he hung up the phone. "Wh…and busy tone was heard in the other line…" Everyone was busy talking in the phone except Tim and Father Huang who seemed so confused of what is happening. Many things are wandering in Tim's mind. Alex knew all of these people. He knew Mr. Qi was the head of the underground organization in Europe and South America. How did Alex knew him?

On the TV was her Auntie Sally having a press conference. She was graceful but her eyes were full of anger and vengeance. Nicole and Mr. Lee was caught off guard by this sudden event. They cannot let this woman take over the company…Nicole was so angry and so Mr, Lee…"Dad, I cannot let this woman rub the company that we worked so hard to grow" Shouted by Nicole angrily. "Dad, call Tim, asked him to transfer half of his asset in my name and we will buy back the shares and get back the company…."Continued by Nicole. "Mr. Lee agreed, she made sense in this matter." He thought.

While watching the news and everyone was occupied by the plans, Tim's phone suddenly rung and everyone stopped and looked at him.

"It's Mr. Lee", he said

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