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   Chapter 47 Auntie Sally (1)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5962

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

When Alex learned about this, she became furious. And her patience towards Ms. Lee reached the ultimate bottom. This time, she needs to stand up and fight her face-to-face. Her parents became worried because this is the first time that they saw Alex was so angry. The people who they sent the invitation to called them and asked what happened and why is Tim is getting married to another woman.

It was a good idea that from the start it was hidden from the public otherwise our reputation again will be tarnished. Said Alexis with pain in his voice. Although, they trust Tim and his family, how come there are news like this circulating.

Tim was so angry and called the agency who wrote the news article and threatened them to take back what they wrote. But its too late now to contain the news, being one of the influential person the in business circle, they are being followed by many any news related to them are well receive by the people regardless if its true or not. Tim, called Alex and explain to her what happened, he even asked an apology to her parents for the damage done of this fake news. His parents are likewise apologetic to Yang family and they don't understand why such news are circulating. Tim has been so loyal to Alex. While they are busy containing the news, Nicole visited the house and talk to Tim's parents. She weep and cry and did her best to get their sympathy hoping that they will convince Tim to marry her. But, she cannot convince them so let out her true self in front of them

"I am so good to you since we meet, only this one thing I am asking you to help me and yet you are turning your back to me? How could you let me face the public with such humiliation"? She said hysterically

"We don't understand what is happening Nicole, we all kn

you bring them during the wedding?" Tim asked…Of course, they will be safe my future-son-law, hearing this, Tim would like to vomit…"they will be in the venue with your mother" Said Mr. Lee. "Okay"..Tim replied. After they hung up, Mr. Huang still cant believe that it was really Nicole who kidnap his wife and grandchildren. Tim looked at Alex helplessly. "Don't worry, everything will be alright. Just go for the wedding and we will make sure that before it ends we will rescue them" Said Alex with a tensed voice. But Tim, cannot agree to the condition… he must be lucky that Alex understand it. "Excuse me, I will just make a call" Alex said

Hello James, please prepare the case documents for filing tomorrow for Mr. Lee and Nicole Lee, kidnapping, Obstruction of Justice and Request to Nullify the marriage between Tim and Nicole. "What"? James exclaimed in shock…"yes, they will get married tomorrow, Tim has no choice". replied by Alex.

Rigth after she hung up the phone an unknown number called her, she answered it


Hi Alex, this is Auntie Sally, your mom's sister… I am outside Tim's house can you let me in? I can help you fight with Nicole and Mr. Lee….

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