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   Chapter 46 The Visit (2)

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In the meantime, Nicole was at peace that her crime will not be uncovered. She then proceeded with her plan to marry Tim. She will charm his kids now especially now that their nanny is gone. It was Saturday and Tim was in the house. Nicole visited them in their house, she was surprised to meet his parents for the first time. She greet them and place her gift for the kids on the table.

When she was about to seat, Tim saw her "what are you doing here"? Tim asked her with cold look and annoyance in his eyes. She walked towards him and will kiss him but Tim step back. Nicole was ashamed of his action.

Oh, , , I just want to visit you, we have not seen for a long time…Im happy that your parents are here…I get to meet them finally. Said Nicole while smiling

But, Tim's reaction was not change, his parents saw it and sensed something is not right…Also, the kids did not greet her, they are seems unhappy with her presence. To reduce awkwardness in the house, Mrs.Huang asked the kids to greet their guest. Nicole became happy she thought Tim's parents liked her.

Oh… no worries, Auntie..I understand, their previous nanny doesn't teach them properly…said Nicole. With this, Tim's expression became dark. "Come to Auntie Nicole and give me a hug" she told to the kids. But none of them move. "Justin, ask your siblings to go to your room" commanded by Tim. The kids run immediately upstairs. Jarred get his dad's phone and dialed Alex's number. Alex was talking to James about the case when her phone rung, alex excused herself thinking it must be important, Tim doesn't normally call her, they usually communicate through videocall and chat messages. When she answered, it was Jarred.

"Auntie, we have situation here" said Jarred

"Oh…what about it Jarred, are you okay? Asked Alex wo

t doing well". Said James. "You can rescue your families and you know how" he continue and left.

Nicole was furious when she learned that Tim asked the best designer to prepare a custom-made wedding gown. Although, they knew nothing about the bride only the measurement was given. Nicole can't help thinking whether it is Tim who will get married or one of his friend. The last five months has no news of engagement or marriage related article came out. How come? Who will wear that wedding gown.

At the moment, Alex was also busy preparing the venue, she already sent out few invitations to her close friends only and family. The wedding will be attended by family and friends close to them and no media allowed. That is why it is kept from the public, they even asked all the people involved from make-up artist, church, venue to make the even confidential. However, they are not expecting that one of the designer of her wedding gown was close to Nicole. Although, they don't know who the bride will be, Nicole once again leaked the information to the media and use it to her advantage. She specifically instructed her friend to write an article that it was Tim and Her who will get married.

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