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   Chapter 45 The Visit

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 6238

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Tim and his family went back to Paris, their engagement was kept secret with the request of Alex. She doesn't want to make a fuss out of their engagement what is more important to her was the love they feel for each other and the approval of their parents for their relationship.

The wedding ceremony will be held in six months in Singapore. Meanwhile, before the trial happened, Alex and James must convinced the two directors to become witness against Nicole Lee, although, they are accessory to the crime their sentence will become lighter and shorter. Days passed but still their loyalty remains with Nicole, so they don't have other options but to disclose that their families and being taken care because Nicole's people tried to kidnap them. It is not Alex's way but they left with no other choice. And if after this disclosure they remain loyal they will let their family return back to their houses. They cannot use them against Nicole, they will instead use the paper evidence they gathered. But these means, justice will be a long process. James, discussed with the two directors that since their loyalty remained with Nicole despite of her threat of kidnapping against their families, they have no other choice but to unguard them. The two directors remained silent. "Don't blame me if Nicole got hold of your families" said James. "In our custody, they well taken care of, guarded 24/7, food and shelter are provided. Look at them, James provided a photo of their families happily eating and staying in a good house and guarded" He continued and left. James called Alex and inform her about their conversation with the two directors.

"It's okay, James.. we still have sufficient evidence. We just have to work hard in disclosing the truth" Alex replied with cold tone. She called Tao and requested him to put surveillance cameras in the houses of the

ven't meet him yet". In truth, she saying the truth because she truly did not met him in person, but she knew all his crime.

The board sigh with relief.. You are correct, had it not because of your auntie's money, Mr. Lee has gone long bankrupt. Your aunt and your mom worked hard to put up the business, good thing they split it when your mom got married to your dad..and you are lucky that you have a very good dad.

I agree, Uncle. I am so lucky to have them, that is why, I won't let Mr. Lee to rub off us again. We won't let auntie's suffering went into nothing. And I must thank you because you did not left the company.

While Nicole is raging with anger, she receive a call that the family of Mr.Kang and Mr.Yu went back to their house.

What are you waiting for get them but make it peaceful this time, let them go with you voluntarily, tell them that Villa's people is coming to take them.

Without their knowledge, , they are being wiretapped and a surveillance camera was installed inside and outside the house. They were surprised to see Mr. Lee in the video, it means Nicole knew all along where her father was and even connive with him to implement their plans.

"Seems that we are going to corner of them"….Said Tao

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