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   Chapter 44 The Proposal

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5376

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"Tim…what is this visit all about? Why you didn't tell me that you are arriving, I should have pick you up from the airport and you are with you parents, is there a problem"?

You asked a lot…but you did not tell me that you are happy to see me and you missed me….he paused and make a sad face…which one would you like me to answer first? Said Tim while smiling…

Of course! I missed you.. and you know that…

Stop thinking too much..lets go inside, I have to tell you something important..

Is it needed in front of everyone?

Yes, so that I have witness…he said smiling and hold her hands and led her inside.

Their parents look at them with gladness. When they were seating, Tim get something and his pocket and kneel down in front of Alex.

Alex, in front of our parents, I want to profess my love and my pure intention of having you as my wife, will you marry me?

Alex was so shocked, she looked everyone in the room and she saw smiles and tears in her mom's eyes. The kids was clapping with joy. She looked at the ring, it was a beautiful diamond ring.

Alex…? Will you marry me? Asked Tim for the second time.

Alex was now blushing and teary eyed she said finally "yes", I will marry you..

Their parents was so happy, that finally Tim will be married soon and Alex's parents was more than happy because the man they choose for Alex will end up to be her husband. The kids are likewise so happy, their auntie will become their mommy. The ended with happiness. The kids stayed with Alex for the night while Tim and her parents stayed in their guest room. Both Alex and Tim cannot fal

n't want their parents and the kids to know that they slept together. It was seven in the morning, Alex woke up feeling sore, as if she went on hiking for the first for whole day. She was in her room and the kids are not there anymore. She decided not to report to work that day and accompany Tim and the kids to tour around Singapore. Someone knock in her door, "Come in", "good morning" a familiar voice greet her. Tim sat in the bed beside her and kissed her in the forehead. "Good Morning, Love" Alex replied. "Did you brought me back here last night?" she asked…"uhmmm" he replied with a smile, "get up, my wife, we will have our breakfast, would you like to join? Or do you want to rest"?...asked Tim while hugging her. "Uhm…I will join"…she replied, "okay, we will wait for you at the table" then Tim kissed her on the lips and walked out of the room. Alex, followed him and hugged him from behind…"I love you".. you are teasing me Ms. Yang…wait until I become your husband and you will pay for this…hurry up, our parents are waiting for us…come down immediately.

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