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   Chapter 43 Bullied Husband Club

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5756

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Nicole has no idea who the new CEO of the Villa Group, she was busy with their expansion as well as celebrating their sure success. She just learned that Villa Group has a new CEO through her father.

Villa Group must be so lucky to get 2 new investments…Mr. Lee said

We don't need so far additional investments as we have enough funds from the directors who withdrew their shares from Villa.. confidently said by Nicole

Nicky baby… You still have a lot to be learned in doing business…Do you know that Villa Group has a new CEO?

"Yes…I did..but I don't care…We are doing fine…everything is well and within what I planned", said Nicole proudly

With a mocking smile, "the Villa's group is a female, she is the daughter of Mr. Yang".. "I must say that she did a great job in securing such a big deal" said Mr. Lee

Even himself doesn't know that Alex was the Queen who pushed him down and out of the organization. And she will do it again in the future.

"Really?...Oh…I know that Villa Group has an heiress but I haven't seen her even once…I must meet her..It is better if you know your enemy".. "Don't worry, dad… we will be the owner of Villa Group soon..I will marry Timothy Huang and after that we will buy them and we will become the "one and only" the industry"…Said Nicole

"Haha! And how do you intend to do that"?

"I have my ways and plans…"

Meanwhile, the person seating in the other table next to them heard everything they discussed was sent by Sally


When the meeting was over, Alex and James was so tired. They have been reviewing documents for half day

James, join us for dinner my parents have not seen you for a long time…requested by Alex

Okay…I miss Auntie's cooki

and Alex would like to laugh.

"James, I would like you to meet Tim he is my boyfriend and his kids – Juliana, Justin and Jarred and Tim's parents." Alex said proudly

Hearing this, Tim's facial expression change a bit and it was observed by everyone, especially Alex. After, introducing everyone. Jarred spoke.

"Auntie Alex, we heard daddy saying that you will be our mommy"

Alex was so shocked, shy and blushed. James smiled. Now he knew about all this and decided to leave.

Uncle and Auntie, I have to go home, I might sleep outside the house if I stayed boss don't want me to roam around at night…said James jokingly. Everyone laughed. He turned to Alex and whisper to her, you owe me a lot…Alex stared at him with cold eyes.. "So are you bullying me inside my house? I will call your boss and request her that you should sleep outside"…She blurted while laughing. When James was out of the door, she then looked at her dad and turn to Tim. She asked permission to talk to Tim in private. They walked to terrace holding hands. When they are outside, Tim hugged her from behind and kiss her on the cheeks. Alex just smile.

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