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   Chapter 42 Alej and Charles

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5510

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

A month after Alex take over the company, its starts to return back to its original prestige. Her father is recovering faster seeing that Alex can handle the company very well. Alex doesn't allow him to be stressed so his only responsibility is to gain back his health. He is happy that finally Huang Holdings is already part of their business as well as Qi Group. Plans are being polished for the next board meeting to be presented by Alex. It made her so much busy most of the time but she always made sure to get in touch with Tim and the kids. She missed them so much when her schedule is a bit lighter she will visit them of these days. While reading some documents, someone knock in her door, come in…she said while staring at the documents. Hi J…ani…ce, she stammered after she noticed who her visitors are. Alej!??? Is that really you? Alex asked in amazement…Yes, Alex..this me!!! Alej replied excitedly and enthusiastically. Alex stand up and walk towards Alex and hugged her. She noticed that Charles was also present. Hi Charles….greeted by Alex. Charles smile and hand over their present to Alex.. Oh. Thank you to the both of you…replied by Alex. You are so busy since you became the CEO we hardly talk and chat said Alej in a sad tone.

I am so sorry bestie…Don't worry since you are here…dinner tonight is on me said Alex. By the way, what brought you here? Continued by Alex

Nothing, we just wanted to visit you and let you know that we are engaged!! Exclaimed by Alej with a wide smile while showing off her big diamond ring

Really!!!!! Oh my God! Congratulations! When will be the big day!? Asked Alex excitedly…

Oh, .. we

sness to the elders and tim…but after a while, the 3 kids jump because of excitement and joy…Yes!yes! we will have a mommy now! Yes!yes! The whole house was filled with laughter and happiness.

After a while, Alexis called her daughter and asked to come home early for dinner. Tim and rest of the family will surprise her. Alex has no idea what is waiting for her at home.

In the office, Alex was so busy looking at the forthcoming trial. She doesn't want Nicole and Mr. Lee to get away from their crime that almost cost her and bestfriends life and her father's company. She is discussing something with James when her phone rang

Hi dad…

Hello baby..come home early, let us have dinner together you have been very busy these days. Mom cooked your favorite food…

Oh…okay, dad..I will be home early..I am just discussing something with James…she replied emotionally

James witnessed how affectionate Alex to her parents. She has been a good daughter to them and she loves them very much


Yes..did want me to come home early for dinner…Come on, let us discuss some more.

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