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   Chapter 41 The New CEO (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 8445

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She lost consciousness and when she woke up she was in a far away place taken care of by two old couple. When she asked what happened to her, they said they saw her in the shoreline unconscious with bruises all over her body. When they open the news, it was her who had a car accident and was declared dead by the authority. Upon hearing this, she cried a lot and requested the two old couple to keep her identity a secret. She clearly remembered everything and this was all done by her husband. She followed the news about her company and her husband.

She hide and maintain a simple life in with the old couple. She contacted her sister and discuss what happened she requested her to keep it a secret as she doesn't want to complicate her life now. She assure her sister that one day, she will get back her company and make Mr. Lee and her daughter pay for what they have done. She also asked Sandra to conduct an investigation how she end up in a car and the accident. The result of the investigation was not surprising it is truly her husband who initiated the accident. She started a resort business using the money given to her by Sandra. Several years had passed, her resort was successful, she opened various resorts in the nearby island. The two old couple who helped her became her second parents. Mr. Lee change the company name to Lee Mansion and fully assumed the ownership. She also heard the disappearance of her husband, but she hired an investigator to locate him and watch his every move. They must enjoy their life and when it is time for her to take back everything that was belongs to her they will know how it is to become nothing. She is currently holding a twenty percent shares of Lee Mansion. During this years, she kept on following her ex-husband and nicole's movement. And its time to strike back.

Villa Group

Alex arrive in the office ahead of everyone, she stayed in her dad's office. The meeting as set at nine in the morning. When everyone saw that the CEO's office was open, they were eager to see who the new boss is. Janice was also puzzled who is her new boss. Her phone rang.

Hi Janice, can you come in the CEO's office…a lady said

Right away..b..boss..replied by Janice

She knocked and when she heard the lady's voice allowing her to come in, she opened the door and a girl was sitting in the CEO's chair wearing white coat and white skirt showing her flawless, long and slender legs. Her black hair was ponytailed leaving her face look so tidy. She wear light make-up only but

also asked about Mr.Yang's current health condition

Not long after the lawyers already reviewed the contract and was given their opinion, but alex still hesitating. It was sensed by the people in the board room. The remaining board members persuaded her to sign the contract and after considering so many aspects she accepted the deal, actually, she trust Tim and Mr. Qi is just she doesn't want them to think that she is taking advantage.

News of the new investments secured by Villa spread like a wildfire, and it was reached Nicole's radar. In just a week after Alex's take over, share price of Villa Group increased rapidly, operations went back to normal, all their branches are open and operating and they put in additional marketing efforts to reclaim their position in the industry.

Meanwhile, Lee Mansion's Board was stirred by the sudden turn-around of Villa Group, they are starting to doubt their decision of living the company. It was Mr. Qi and Huang Holdings who invested in Villa, having these 2 companies as their back up surely they will soon progressed faster than Lee Mansion. Having sensed their doubts, one the directors who happened to be a dummy of Ms. Ye reported to Sally about the situation. Ms. Ye instructed him to start the plan. They slowly approached one by one all the investors to sell their shares to Ms. Ye until she hold thirty percent of the shares. She used his assistant as the front so that Mr. Lee didn't suspect anything. They plan to participate in the management when the right time comes. As for now, she will let the father and daughter enjoy and reach the top before she pull them down to make them feel how to become nothing.

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