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   Chapter 40 The new CEO

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 8444

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Villa Group

The Board of Directors are currently having a meeting about the slowly falling shares, financial issues and the on-going case. Alexis are swamped with so many work and his mind was so occupied. This past few days his health was not good, last night he can't sleep and in the dawn he's having a hard time to breathe.

They decided to visit the hospital the following morning. The doctor advised him to stay away from stress and too much work. However, he can't leave the company at this state. However, right after the meeting when only he and his secretary are in the boardroom, he can't breathe and eventually collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and it was discovered by media. The share price continued to fall and several stockholders sold their shares living the company almost into bankruptcy.

Nicole was watching the news and very happy that their biggest opponent are losing, in her mind there is no way that Huang Holdings will partner with them. Their reputation are already ruined. She thought all the luck are on their side. She doesn't have to stress out of those useless directors. She called Tim to inform him about the news about Villa Group. She called the Board Meeting to discuss the partnership and getting the investors from Villa Group and lastly, she called the men to lay low in their job about getting the families of the 2 directors. Today she was in a very good mood.

After receiving the call from Nicole, Tim opened the news and called Thomas to get as many information as possible about Villa Group current status. He needs to help Alex this time. Now is the right time to extend help.

Alex on the other hand, rushed to Singapore back to be with her dad. She only called Tim to inform her sudden trip and she also informed the kids about it. But she did not disclose the real reason of her trip.

Tim already knew the reason why she is rushing to get home.

After a long trip, Alex arrived at the hospital. Outside the room, there was several reporters who is waiting for any information they can get about the health condition of Mr.Yang. She doesn't want to be recognize so she dress herself as a nurse. When she inside, Mom how is dad? Her mom looked at her in surprised but when she recognized her, she burst into tears and hug alex.

Her mom, tell everything about what happened about her dad and the cause of his degrading health. Of course the company's status was not new to her. Alex was in a mixed emotion of guilt and sadness. Now that her dad has a poo

th have a good relationship even their business become somewhat competitor to each other but they don't mind. Until she met Mr. Lee an ambitious man she fell in-love with him, but her sister objected it because she saw that this man has a bad intention in marrying her sister. But because she is so in-love she did not listen to her sister almost to the point of severing their ties as siblings. Soon they got married. Mr. Lee has a daughter with her previous wife name Nicole, she is a spoiled brat and has no manners. After the wedding, Mr. Lee took over the management of the business and was able to get few investors and started to grow rapidly compared to Mr Yang. Ms. Ye stayed in the house as requested by her husband, she dedicated to him as a dutiful wife and a good step mother to Nicole, however, her effort was not appreciated and oftentimes she was scolded by both father and daughter. She endured everything in the name of love. Out of her hurtful feelings, she called Sandra and talk about her sufferings. Sandra was so angry on what her sister suffered from Mr Lee, the following day, she visited him in his office and confront him about her treatment to her sister but to her astonishment, Mr. Lee speak ill about her sister without any sense of love and affection. She is right from the very beginning, this ambitious man marry her sister for the money. He never love her at all.

After the confrontation, Mr. Lee went home and confront his wife. They had a huge confrontation to the point of physical abuse. Ms.Ye decided to fight but was too weak to fight she asked Nicole to get help from the police but she just stared at her while she was beaten by her dad.

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