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   Chapter 39 Don’t mess with me (4)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 6328

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Alex get her gun in her bag and concealed on her waist. She walked toward the passenger seat…

So, is that your companion? Why are you pointing gun at them?

Its you again? I told you to mind your own business.. get this woman out.. she keeps on pestering us…said the man with a gun

The 2 men walked towards her and preparing to grab her… but she gave them one hard rock punch on the face and a flying kick on their balls. She grab one of the guns from the man and point it to the other man. This time 4 men went out from the other car they are armed with a gun…this time, she cannot sacrifice the lives of the kids and Thomas…

Thomas, open the door and prepare to drive…She fired a gun to the man pointing a gun to him and grab the door.. Drive Thomas! This time, she saw the black Mercedes cars approaching…

The white car drove fast to follow them…she opened the window and fired a gunshot to the white car but missed. This time, the mercedez cars already arrived. They flashed their lights to warn them of the enemy behind and they drove fast going to the villa hotel.

Tim and 2 of Tao's men was wounded, while they killed 2 of the opponent and captured 1 of them, and 1 was able to escape.

Meanwhile, men in the white car was cornered by Mr. Qi's people. They tried to fight but was not able to so because they were outnumbered. They were also captured and brought to the safe house for inquest.

Alex and Thomas arrived at the Villa Hotel the kids are all trembling, scared and traumatized. While calming the kids, her phone rung.

Hello Tao…

Queen, Tim and 2 of our men was wounded they were brought to the hospital. But don't worry they are now safe. Said by Tao

Okay…we are at the Villa Hotel now…Can you send someone over to secure us? I will arrange for their accommodation here…

After hanging up, she called Tim..


Hi love, how are you? Are yo

opposite house by all means.

Since the day that they discovered the people spying on them, Tao's men became alert all the time and report any suspicious observation to Tao. Tao likewise dedicated 4 of his men to watch at the security footage 24/7 to look out any untoward event.

James visited Mr. Yu and Mr. Kang in the prison trying to persuade them to drop all the names included in the crime and to admit the crime they committed, with these their sentence might be short and light only. But the directors did not give any response because they are unsure if their families are safe. James continue to persuade them by giving them the video of the families being protected is a safe house. The 2 directors looked at each other in disbelief. James was the lawyer of the Villa Group and yet they have the video of their families does it mean they are protecting their families, but why? These are the thougths running in the minds of the 2 directors.

Does it mean Atty, Villa group protected our families? Asked Mr. Yu

Let us say that Mr. Yang is just a good person, he doen't hold grudges…replied James

But who are the people who tried to harm them? Asked Mr. Kang

Well, only you can answer that…said James with a smile and a meaningful look

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