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   Chapter 38 Don’t mess with me (3)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 9854

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Mr. Lee was aware of what is happening in the company, even the plans of his daughter is regularly reported by Mr. Foo to him.

My daughter clearly learned how to play the game. Support her and provide back up when necessary and report to me every details. Said Mr. Lee.


Villa Hotel

The people involved in the case was already taken custody by the police including the directors. They were detained while waiting for trial to commenced. They were often visited by their family members and learned about the threat and kidnapping attempts, luckily, Alex's group was fast to act. But of course they did not know this. All of them was taken to a safe community they were surrounded by security guards and all of their needs was provided.

One day, Nicole visited Mr. Yu and Mr. Kang.

Hello Mr. Kang and Mr. Yu said Nicole.

The 2 directors stared at her and replied back Good day Ms. Lee

I am just here to warn you, don't ever drop my name during the trial you know that I can do everything. By the way, congratulations you hide your family very well…but don't worry, before the trial starts I will find and make sure to give the best treatment she emphasize "best treatment" so that you will hold your tongue. Said Nicole

The 2 directors were so shocked about her statement because all the while, they thought that is it Nicole who secured them. But of course, Nicole did not know this. She interpreted their expression as fear to what she said.

One of Tao's men, visits the community regularly to check the situation and to deliver the needs of the people. This community was secured by hidden mini CCTV in every corner inside and outside the house leaving almost no blind spot. This CCTV are connected to Alex's, Tao's and Raul's phone. The men who just visited the house was followed by Mr. Lee's men. However, they were noticed by the men and continue as normal. Halfway of their travel, they called Tao.

Sir, a white car is following us, would you like us to return and re-schedule the next visit? Asked the man

No, continue…I will alert everyone in the safe house. Replied Tao

After the call, he talked to them via the device Alex provided so that information are well communicated clearly and immediately.

Everyone, attention… Larry and his team will arrive in a while however, they are being followed by a white car, please prepare and be alert… anything seen and observed should be communicated within the group. Whatever happened, please protect everyone in the house, and don't let them take any of our guest. We are monitoring 24/7 and will provide back up whenever it is necessary.

When they arrive, they unload all the boxes of goods and brought inside the house. The guards are hiding to make it appear that the community is unguarded. The white van park just a hundred meters away from the Larry's car.

After while it drive past them and stopped in front of the 3rd house from safe hous

peaker on and focus on your driving. Listen to me carefully. Don't go to Villa Hotel, you are being followed by 2 white cars…Just roam around the city, make sure to go the places with many people, until you see the Black Mercedes Cars with plate number QY888 and QY478, they are our back up…Don't hung the phone yet and make sure to lock the all the car doors.. and whatever happens don't open it until I asked you to do so. I am just behind you..

Just after she told this, one of the white car drive passed in front of Thomas' car..

Ms. Yang we are cut by one of the white car..

Don't panic.. just remember to protect the kids. Whatever happens your responsibility are the kids..Said Alex

3 men approached their car and knocked. But as instructed by Alex Thomas did not open the door. Seeing the situation, Alex went out of the car and approached the men and screamed to them..

Excuse me… you are in the highway… please park your car properly.. we are in a hurry…please be sensitive enough to others who are rushing to go home…and I saw you, you cut the line the black car in the right lane… Are you not afraid to catch by the police? There are a lot of CCTV here…

The men look at her and said.. young lady, please get out of our way..This black car is our companion…don't be so over reacting…and okay… call the police you will just get a slap in your face…haha! Said the man while laughing…

Okay.. I will call the police and she turned around…to get back inside her car…inside her car…she talked to Thomas…

Thomas, don't open the door… until you saw the Mercedes car.. I will keep destructing the men to buy time…She honk the car… let us pass! She shouted

But the man is becoming impatient. He pointed a gun at the driver's side..

Ms Yang, he is pointing a gun to me now…said Thomas in scared tone.

Okay, Thomas, I will get out of the car again…this time be prepared to leave the place. Just be alert on my signals okay…? Said Alex

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