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   Chapter 37 Don’t mess with me (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 6067

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Alex was not able to protest because of her shocked. Mr. Qi already left leaving behind the 3 of them. Tao and Raul was now under her leadership…

Queen, do you have something you want us to do? Said Tao with a smile.

Alex look at him confused…But later on, accepted that she was now part of the organization. She has to tell her parents when they arrive at Singapore.

Tao, I need you to help me…You have to attend everything related to this matter and act in behalf of me. We will lead the group together…I am trusting you but don't ever mess with me..she said in a lighter tone and smile…

Tao looked at her and said, Of course! I have seen you how you worked… it seems that I can hide anything from you…

Raul, you will act as his assistant… but remember your word…warned Alex.

Everything is set…they flew to Singapore and Attended the voting process.

Mr. Qi, what a surprise! Said Mr. Lee..

Oh.. yes… you like it? I heard that voting will happen today… I want to witness..anyway, it is just a formality, I know you will become a good leader for our Asian Region…lied Mr. Qi..

Oh.. Thank you…Can we go inside? Asked Mr. Qi

Okay…you may..

Mr Qi looked at everyone in the room, all the traitors are present, in his thought, this must be great! Their job will be done in one go.

Well, seems everyone is present.. we should start our voting…Said Mr. Lee..

Can I say a few words? Asked Mr. Qi..

Of Course! You may... You are our VIP here…Said Mr. Lee

Mr. Qi looked at Raul and Tao… While Alex was listening inside the car.. She put listening device and hidden camera to each of them…Then she started to make her move on the computer…This is part of their plan…They will use the time given to Mr. Qi to prepare their evidences…

I am done now..everything is ready..Said Alex


o told them about Mr. Lee and his wrong doings. The meeting lasted for almost 2 hours. Alex flew back to Paris for her studies while Mr. Qi, Tao and Raul stayed for Mr Lee's case.

Due to the evidences presented and admission from the other member, Mr. Lee was sentenced to 40 years life imprisonment. But in less than a year, he escaped from the prison and went into hiding. Since then, all the members has no news about him they exhaust most of their effort to locate him but to no avail. Until recently they trace him living a simple life in Indonesia.

His company's share fell almost to verge of bankruptcy, it was run by his daughter Nicole since the day he was imprisoned. But because she has no experience in running a business the company's situation worsen, thanks to the Mr. Foo who invested enough amount to save the company. Since then it slowly regain its position in the Industry. Mr. Foo was one of her father's dummy who he asked to help her daughter run the business. The money he invested in the company was actually the money he laundered from all his victims. He cannot expose himself to the Board of Directors it might cause trouble to the company. Mr Lee hired Mr. foo as his front.

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