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   Chapter 36 Don’t mess with me

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5856

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Charles and his father visited Mr. Qi and had a dinner at the hotel's buffet restaurant. During the dinner, Charles keep on staring at Alej it was noticed by Mr. Qi and Mr. Ortega. The 2 elders understood this and proposed that they should separate a table to discuss business matters. It was immediately approved by Charles.

Charles and Alej, had a good time. Charles was so funny different from the fa?ade when he is talking to his men and on duty. Alej, laughed so hard until small tears forms in her eyes. She enjoyed Charles company, she feels something different that she did not ever experience while with the other man. She feel so secured well, aside from the fact the he is the head of defense, she feels so at home with him. She is happy just by looking at his eye and his presence. While Charles was his first time to smile and laughed this hard, his first time to admire a girl, his first time to feel fear for his life, first time that he feel to protect a girl aside from this being his job.

Mr. Qi and Mr. Ortega just having a small talk about business and hobbies. From time to time they glancing at their children's direction and found them enjoying each other's company.

Well, looks like we will be family in the future..said Mr. Ortega while smiling.

Mr. Qi glanced at Alej…Oh well…I don't have anything against your son, he is a good man.. but my daughter is just at her early twenties…Said Mr. Qi..

Hahahaha! Mr. Ortega laughed, you are so advance to think... they are not even into a relationship!

Mr. Qi was a bit embarrassed, oh well.. I am not yet ready to give away my daughter, although she will be in a good family… But, I think I need to start to prepare for that day, your son looks like he is ready to snatc

ody uttered a word until Mr. Qi repeat himself

Alex? Alex?

Oh…y..yes uncle.. what did you just said?

I want you to be the head of our group in Asian Region…

Oh..i cannot handle it uncle and one more thing, I don't want to expose myself and my connection with Villa Group. I want to live a simple and peaceful life…If you want, I can help you…but leading the group..i think cant take it. And i am still young and need more experience and I am a girl…it is unusual for a girl to be the leader in this kind of organization…Said Alex…

If that is your concern, you can just appoint someone in your behalf.. no need to expose yourself. Proposed by Mr. Qi. Tao and Raul are here, you can work with them, anyway, you already work together in this issue you are now familiar with each other…continued by Mr. Qi.

We will help you Alex...Said by Tao with excitement. Raul remain silent but deep in his heart, he did not regret leaving Mr. Lee's group and join Alex's group.

Alex look at them..and remain silent.

I think… we are all clear here… we need to implement our plan now…we will flying to Singapore later to make it on time for the voting process.

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