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   Chapter 35 Protection (11)

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While on the way to the airport, Alex called Mr. Qi to get an update on the rescue operation for Alej and to report that Mr. Lee was so angry about what happened.

Hi uncle! How the rescue was went on?

Hello Alex, thank you for your help. Alej was safe and sound. We were able to arrive just in time. And you were right Mr. Lee was there. Replied by Mr. Qi

That was good! I can finally see my bestfriend, exclaimed excitedly by Alex. Can I talk to Alej?

Oh.. she is sleeping…I will tell her to call you when she wakes up.

Uh..That's okay uncle, let her rest first. By the way, Mr. Lee contacted the leader of the gang in our custody, he is so angry. He even threatened him. Do you have any plan? Raul already sided with Tao. He will no longer return to Mr. Lee. You can use him to knock down Mr. Lee, stated by Alex.

Alex you are so smart girl. I want to meet you when we get back to Paris. Said Mr. Qi.

Raul was hired by Mr. Lee to kidnap Alej. He was working with Mr. Lee for quite a while now. He was freed by Tao and Alex to test him if he really meant what he said to them before.

Tao and Raul is sitting in front of Alex while talking to Mr. Qi. After hanging up the phone, Alex looked at the 2 men.

Do you have any plan for Mr. Lee? He must not get away for what he did to us. Asked Alex.

The 2 men looked at each other. In their minds, if Alex knew the reason why Mr. Lee kidnap Alej and what kind of world they are fighting over would her determination to avenge Mr. Lee continue or her trust to Mr. Qi will still remain? They keep their mouth shut until Alex went to her room.

IT Guy, any update with Mr. Lee's location?

He is currently in the Philippine Airport. I bet he is waiting for his flight. But I cannot pinpoint

d from Alex.

I will call Uncle to discuss this, before Mr. Lee can do something. We should 2 steps ahead of him. Otherwise, he can get away with his crime and continue his plan.

In the Shangri-La Global City

Mr. Qi and his group arrive in the hotel mid-day. Upon arrival his men went to their designated room, Mr. Qi sent Alej to her room and he headed to his room just beside Alej room. Alej, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

While Mr. Qi, was fixing their things, his phone rang.

Hello Uncle…

Hi Alex, we just arrive in the hotel. Alej is in her room now, you can call her now.

No Uncle. I want to talk to you.

Oh.. Okay..

I know about you and Mr. Lee's world. And I am not calling you to judge or forsake you. I called you because I found something which I think of importance to you and to the organization. Said Alex.

Their discussion went on for 2 hours

Uncle, you need to act fast before Mr. Lee can plot his action against you. Said Alex.

After hanging up the phone, Mr Qi was so amazed on how alex handled the things. He dialed Tao's number and instructed him to conduct an investigation on Mr. Lee and the member he had meet.

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