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   Chapter 34 Protection (10)

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On the day of the wedding, Alej was nervous and scared. What if the rescue will not come on time. She is looking at her groom, although he is handsome and look elegant in his suit, she cant marry this man. There is something in him that tells her she could not be with this man.

Grayson Smith was a known businessman in Asia. At a very young age of 28, he is already a CEO of his own company. His family also owns several businesses but was not interested in any of it. He started his own clothing manufacturing business. Alej looked at his groom and she saw disappointment and disagreement in his eyes. She talked to him

What is your name?

I am Grayson, you can call me Gray.. he replied without any emotion

Uhm… Gray, did you know that I was kidnapped to marry you? Said Alej out of desperation to somehow help herself relieve the nervousness

Yes…I was forced too to be here…replied Grayson in infuriation

Oh my God…! Exclaimed Alej.. I think I am the only one here who is suffering. Did your father do this to us?

Grayson, stared at her… don't worry, we will file a divorce immediately. I don't want to marry a girl…he stated coldly

Uh? What do you mean? You don't want to get married yet? Asked Alej..

Grayson, stared at her again with annoyance… No..I don't want to marry I woman, I want to marry my boyfriend…

What?!!! Alej exclaimed in surprise almost everyone heard her…

Please be silent and don't make any scene here… Warned Gray while rolling her eyes

Oh My God….. Thank you so much! I thought I will be imprisoned in this kind of marriage life for the rest my life… She stated while touching Grayson's arms.

Okay, I will help you plan your wedding said Alej while smi

ar, he looked at the girl on a wedding dress. She is so beautiful and delicate.

Uhm..Uh..Mr. Qi, where are you going now? Are you staying in the country or will be flying back to Paris right away. Asked Charles.

We will be flying over to Paris tomorrow afternoon. Alej must be tired. We already booked in a hotel in Global City. Said Mr. Qi.

Alright, then. Would you like any assistance? Would you like me to deploy few of my men to keep you safe? Asked Charles

Uh, …No need Charles, we will be okay. Declined by Mr. Qi.

Oh…but, I think it is better if we will accompany you while you are here to make sure that those men will not get back to you. Don't worry Mr. Qi, this would not be so much from our side. Explained by Charles. But, In reality, he would just like to extend his time to get to know more Alej.

Okay, then..Thank you, Charles. Hope I can meet your father during our stay. He is a good man. Said Mr. Qi.

He wanted to meet you too. Actually, he is in the city right now. I will call him later. Where did you booked your accommodation? It's in Shangri-La, Global City. Said Mr. Qi.

Alright…Said Charles.

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