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   Chapter 33 Protection (9)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 6324

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El Nido, Palawan

Alej, was treated like a princess, she like the feeling except that she has to hide and was guarded 24/7. The place is magnificent, the food is exceptional, and servants were all kind and polite. Since yesterday, group of people started to arrive, she did not pay special attention as she think that they are just a normal guest of the resort. A woman approached her and gave a big white box.

Ms. Qi, these is for you. The woman handed over the big white box to her.

Oh.. for me? T…Thank you. Said Alej.

When she opened it, it was a beautiful wedding gown and a pair of shoes. The wedding gown was made by the famous designer in Paris. She was in awe as the gown was never seen in the industry. It was made specifically for her.

Why am I receiving these? I am not going to get married….Oh no!!! Am I going to marry? To whom? She started to panic…she opened her wattsapp and sent a message to Alex.

Alex!!!! I receive a wedding gown just now. Am I going to get married? I need to get out of here…She took a photo of the wedding gown and sent to Alex. Without expecting for a reply as the internet connection in the island was slow, still she hope that Alex will reply even just a period or question mark…

While holding the phone, alex was able to receive the message sent to her by Alej followed by a photo. It was a wedding gown. She researched the boutique selling the gown and made an inquiry.

She asked for the same gown that was sent by Alej.

I am so sorry Madam, but the gown was specially made for that lucky girl. Said the woman in the line

Oh…Mr. Lee must be so in love with his fiancée, he especially ordered customized gown for his soon-to-be wife. Bluffed by Alex

I agree with you, we had a hard time finishing the gown on time. Answered back the woman.

Well.. thank you so much.. Said by Alex and she hang up the phone. Were you abl

she took the codes and sent to IT Guy.

Hello, IT guy…I already sent to you the codes. Please keep him under your watch. Thank you for your help. Said Alex.'re such a genius! If you have time, please teach me…Said the IT guy.

Haha! Okay…When we meet I will teach you how I did it.

They hung up the phone and she replied to Alej

Alej, don't worry rescue is on its way. Just delay the wedding as much as you can…see you soon!

After sending the reply, she called Mr. Qi, uncle, we already installed something in Mr. Qi phone, if you see him during the wedding just pretend that you didn't know anything…We can follow him wherever he goes as long as he has his phone. Said Alex.

Thank you, Alex.

You're welcome, Uncle, take care and bring alej back soon!

They hung up the phone and smile a bit. She will see her bestie very soon.

Tao this time was so amazed. Are you really this smart and fast?

Uh… no, I just want them to payback what they did to us. Replied Alex

After this, I want to live my life the way I'm living it before this kidnapping happened. I have a simple and peaceful life. And I want to continue that way. Said Alex calmly.

Tao, amazed much more with her words. She truly a unique girl among the rest.

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