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   Chapter 32 Protection (8)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5873

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See? I told you, you will regret and will make you pay for the things you did to us. Alex narrated.

I understand and knew that these men asked you to disclose who the mastermind is. I will asked you again, who ordered you to kidnap us? Alex said calmly and cold.

I advice you to disclose it to us before your master turn against you. Said Alex, The man looked at her questioningly.

Yes, that is true, since you failed to kills me and soon my best friend will be rescued if these happens the first thing that your boss will do is to find you and keep you silent. If they could not find you, look for your family to voluntarily surrender your self, do you want them to suffer? If I were you, I will disclose it now and have time to rescue your family.

The man stared at her and thinking.

Tao was again amused on how this girl calmly negotiate with her captor. Truly, violence is not the only way to achieved peace and harmony. Even his men was surprised. They already beat this man almost to death but didn't show any signs of admission. While this girl she just talked to him and she was able to stir his mind.

I will give you time to think, but I am afraid, if you prolong this, you might end up seeing your loved ones cadaver. Rescue for my bestfriend is on its way now. You have few hours left. The choice is yours.

After saying this, Alex stand up and ready to leave but the man stopped her.


Alex looked at Tao and his men and to the man.

Why? Said Alex.

I will disclose who ordered us to kidnap you, in 2 conditions. Said the man.

We are not here follow your conditions, it is you who should follow our rules. Said Alex firmly.

But the man, looked at her softly with tears in his eyes. I know, but I will do every

ead of the Department of Defense in the Philippines. He asked his son, if he can assist a friend who will rescue his daughter. His son, agreed immediately as is posed a harm and danger in the people living in the vicinity. It may not be a threat in National Level but on local level it might scared of the people there.

Okay, dad. Who is this friend and who is the kidnappers? Asked by his son

My friend is Mr. Qi from Europe, and the kidnappers where unknown. They are still investigating it. Tomorrow they will be arriving in Palawan Airport. You can contact him directly for details.

In reality, Mr. Qi, did not know Mr. Ortega in person, they just know each other via phone. Mr. Qi, received a call from unknown number he answered it


Hi, uncle? This is Mr. Ortega's son, tell me the details of your plan. How many people do you need and which particular place your daughter is hidden.

Mr. Qi was surprised. Thank you so much, may I know your name?

I am Charles, I am the head of the Department of Defense of the Philippines.

Mr. Qi, laid out the plan to Charles and discussed how they can help them to assure the safety of his daughter.

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