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   Chapter 31 Protection (7)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 6542

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Alej, already arrived in Singapore. Then she boarded again a private plane with a new pilot. They travelled for approximately 3 hours and ride a private boat before they stopped in a private resort in El Nido Palawan, Philippines. The view was fantastic. It was very peaceful and calming. She almost forgot that she was captive by unknown. There was no other people except them. The place was either rented or owned by her captors.

After a while, a woman approached her with a straight English.

Good day, Ma'am, your room is now ready. You may take your rest now. The woman said with a smile.

Alej smile back and said, Thank you…

She went to her room, and she was astonished it was water villa no. 2,. It has a good view of the entire resort. It is also near the dock where you can witness the sun, sea and sky at their best glory. It has a glass floor at the terrace a perfect view of for sea creatures such as turtles and baby sharks. The place was amazing. Perfect for newly wed.

She opened the bathroom had a stone bath but it also has shower if your prefer it.

She opened the wardrobe it has clothes and dresses. It was all from her favorite brands.

She started to fill the tub with warm water and took off her clothes. She took a shower for 3o minutes and stayed in the bath tub for an hour. She dried her hair and lay down in her bed. She was tired to fell asleep immediately. When she woke up, it was already dark outside and she can hear only the waves and see no one in the place. She opened the fridge and look for food. She remembered to get the phone and opened it. She tried to open her social media account but the wifi is so slow. She tried to contact Alex and asked how is she but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Mr. Qi, already find out his daughter's location. It was an island in the Philippines. They have no connection in the Philippines. But he asked his group if they could possibly know someone in the Philippines who cou

, when is your plan to rescue Alej. She is in the Philippines right now. I am afraid her captors might do something bad to her.

Don't worry Alex, we are doing our best to rescue her and brought her back in our home safely. Said Mr. Qi.

Do you know who did this? Asked Alex

We are looking at it Said calmly by Mr. Qi.

I got a phone from one of the guys and also, Tao and his men captured the leader who kidnap us, we can ask him who the culprit it. Let us not waste time otherwise, those captors will win over us. Proposed by Alex.

Mr. Qi was a bit surprised on how this girl think. She is logical, strong and not emotional unlike other girl of her age.

Okay, Alex. I will do that. Agreed by Mr. Qi.

Alex was not satisfied, she doesn't want to prolong the rescue of Alej and seizing the people behind this. She asked Tao to bring her to the leader of the kidnappers.

Tao, hesitated but, she knew this little girl will not stop. He decided to bring her to him.

His men was trying to asked the leader to disclose who ordered him to kidnap the 2 girls, but he remain silent. They beat him just to make him drop the name but still they are unsuccessful.

When Alex arrived at the place, she saw the bruised body of the leader.

The man looked at her with surprise and curiosity.

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