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   Chapter 30 Protection (6)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5369

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Alex's mind was in chaos. She is thinking her bestfriend, her life, her parents, her dreams. She was surprised when the man on her left made a move, Pang! Loud sound of gun shot was heard in the palace, she shoot him on the knee. The leader was shocked and began to get annoyed and impatient.

Little girl, you surprised me. I never expected you this way. You made me admired you even more. Said the leader.

She smile in mockery. Not all the women are born to please you, we can also do most of the things you can. Don't underestimate women, sometimes they are better than you. Said Alex proudly and with a hint of warning.

With what she said, the leader's face told blank, cold and serious. "I will make sure that you will just like the other women out there little girl".

Hahaha! In your dreams! Said Alex.

The leader shot her but missed. Alex run on the door and missed again the gun shot fired by the leader.

Save your bullets for your life, alex shouted.

The 2 men run as fast as they could to capture Alex. But they lose track of her. Alex, was just hiding in one of the corner. She is witnessing every move they make. She is enjoying what she is seeing. The leader was so angry.

I should not trusted that girl. Had I known that she is capable, I should have killed her a while ago. Outburst the man. Go, find her and bring her to me! Commanded by the man to his assistant. But before the man left, she shot him on the knee again and fell on the floor.

The leader was stunned. He was not prepared for it. He did not foresee it coming. He did not even know where the gun shot cam

s a paris number. She answered it.

Hello?... O..F**K! F**K!

The man on the other line heard a gun shots and heard her cursing. They understood the girl is in danger.

Keep talking, while we are trying to locate you. Said the man on the other line

Please make it fast, I am wounded and I lost a lot of blood already. Replied Alex.

Ok, got it. Keep driving, don't let them capture you. We will keep you on track. Said the man.

After, hanging up the phone. Alex continue to endure the pain while waiting for the rescue. She tried her best to drive as fast as she could.

The man alarmed their members and ordered them to save the girl. While on the phone giving instructions to them. When you saw a car following the black car, stop that car and get the people. We wanted them alive.

They finally saw the black car with Alex on it and the other car following her.

They stopped the car and get the driver. She saw it in the mirror. She sighed in relief and a car in front of her stopped and waved at her.

She opened the window and she passed out.

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