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   Chapter 28 Protection (4)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5188

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Mr. Qi's daughter, Alejana happened to be Alex bestfriend. It was one afternoon while they were strolling in the park after their final exams in their computer course, a black van stopped and forcefully get Mr. Qi's daughter, But Alex fight against them however, since they are all men and they are many, Alex lost and was taken also together with her best friend. While on the car, the man get his phone and made call

Hello Sir, we already have her. But someone intervened so we have to take her too.

Good, kill the other woman. Make sure that nobody will locate his body.

Okay, Sir.

The 2 ladies slightly heard their conversation, they looked at each other and talked in Spanish

Que estan hacienda (what are they doing)? Asked Alejana

No lo se, pero segun su coversacion, uno de nosotros debe ser asesinado y uno debe vivir, (I don't know, but based on their conversation, one of us must be killed and one must live)said alex

Los Conoces (do you know them)? Alejana said


Calmemonos y pensemos en una manera de escaper (Let us calm down and think of a way to escape), said Alex.

You two stopped talking, don't try to escape because you can't. Who is Mr. Qi's daughter?

The 2 replied together "me"

The man get annoyed to their answer, don't fool me, idiot! Did you know that Mr. Qi's daughter will be saved?

But alex and alej stared at each other and talked again in Spanish.

Creo queno estan diciendo la verdad (I think they are not telling the truth) Said Alex

Que debemos hacer? (What should we do?)

y to hard to get. Whatever in your mind throw it away you have no way to escape. But we will have a good time first. All of them laugh hard at her.

They brought her in an abandoned building near a river. The building was an old palace it was so tall and huge, behind the palace is a river. There will be no one to hear her if she will try to ask for help. She needs to send a code to Alej dad before its too late.

We will play hide and seek first. Whoever will find her first will be the lucky one who can have sex with her.

Alex was disgusted with this man. Who told you that you can touch me. Not in your dreams. I will die first before you can touch me. Without their knowledge, Alex is eyeing to get the gun of their leader. Most of them left their guns in the car only the leader brought his. Because they are thinking that it is not necessary, they are here to have a good time.

The leader is positioned in the north wing side of the palace, Alex is plotting her route in her mind and preparing herself for a fight.

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