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   Chapter 27 Protection (3)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4283

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

At Yang Residence

Someone knock on the door, the servant opened it and saw 2 men looking for Mr. Yang.

Excuse me, Mr. Yang, there are 2 men looking for you outside, should I let them in? asked the servant.

Did you asked who are they? They said, they are sent by Ms. Yang…

Wait I will call Alex.

After 2 rings, Alex pick up the call. Yes, dad?

Did you send over 2 men here? He asked curiously and a bit nervous.

Oh..sorry, I forgot to tell you about it. Are they already there? Did I scare you dad? Haha!

Okay, who are they? Why did you asked them to come over?

I will discuss to you personally later. Don't tell mom about it. They are there to protect you. But keep my identity a secret. Said Alex

Alexis was confused why they need protection? why her identity have to keep a secret? But he chose to trust his daughter.

Okay… see you later.

Sandra ask him, who are those guys outside?

Oh…they were the one who helped Alex before. They are here to meet her later.

You can let them in, he said to their servant.

Sandra did not asked further question about them but asked about alex.

By the way, where is alex? But keeps her busy?

I asked her to do something its company related love, don't worry. Its part of her training as the next CE

the most confidential information. This includes the operations various Asian countries. Because of his greedy for power, he talked to their members in Asian countries and won their trust and asked them if he could be the one to handle and run their operations in their area. Once he got the leadership in this countries, he can easily kicked out Qi and become the overall leader of the group. If this happens, their business will become one of the most powerful and stable company in Singapore.

Their partners immediately agreed with one condition, Mr. Qi's daughter must be married to one of the partner's son. With this condition, Mr. Lee immediately agreed. After the discussion, he ordered to kidnap Mr. Qi's daughter. And bring to china where a private plane will be waiting for them to hand over the woman and that is the end of their mission.

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