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   Chapter 26 Protection (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3588

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

Tao, already carried out his mission, he deployed 5 his best men to go to Paris to protect a family-father and children. He did not disclose to his people their identity for security purposes. This mission was so important because it is our queen who requested it.

These people are our queen's treasure, we must make sure that they keep safe and unharmed. Instructed Tao to his men. Tomorrow you will be flying to Paris and will start your mission immediately. One of you will protect the man and the rest will protect the kids. You should do it secretly, unless it is necessary to expose yourself. But remain silent don't talk to them about this mission. Our queen would like it to be kept confidential. You have to report to me everyday, anything suspicious should be reported to me immediately.

Yes sir! After answering the men stand up and started to collect their travel papers.

Nicole Lee, was infuriated when she learned her guys failed to implement her instruction.

What happened? You are all useless! She shouted

They hired a body guards, they are heav

e cause of all of these problem. Do you have any news about that man? Asked Alex.

Oh.. we are keeping a look out on him. Since the day he betrayed the group. He maintained a simple life, but currently, slowly creating his own group. That is what we are anticipating, we are sure that he will get back to us.

Maybe that woman is protected by his father. Can I request another 2 of your men? It will be for my parents.

Okay, I will send them to your parents place.

Okay, Tao. Thank you, Alex ended the call.

She is not a simple opponent. She has a background in the underworld. Her father must be supporting her that is why she is so brat, spoiled and full of schemes. I must prepare for a good fight.

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