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   Chapter 24 Dating the Nanny (2)

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Alex was busy preparing notes and reminders to Tim, her phone rang, it was Mel.

Hi, Al..

Hello, Mel…any news?

Oh yes! And you will not believe it…. It was Nicole Lee who sent the photo to the agency.


Yes, and I am not sure why she is doing it. I think she doesn't know about you. Or maybe she is after Mr. Huang.

Uhm.. maybe. Well, anyway, thank you so much Mel. I owe you. I will be in Singapore in 2 days time. After my return I will see you.

Alright, Al. Take Care and you are welcome as always.

Meanwhile, Tim also got the result of the investigation. His prediction was confirmed, It was really Nicole who leak the photo. He is so upset. He instructed his secretary and everyone in the company not to let Nicole enter the building and don't do business transactions with her or with Lee Mansion Group.

He wont let this woman ruin Alex and their relationship.

Alex, is becoming worried about their security especially the kids. Surely Nicole will create bad things to them just to destroy them. She called Tim and decided to open up what she discovered.

Hello babe…

Hi, what time are you going home?

Miss me? Tim said jokingly.

Uh…uh… and I have something

w on.

You too, do you want me to arrange security during your travel?

No, Im okay. I can take care of myself and besides I am with my friends.

I will personally drop off and pick up the kids to and from the school. I don't want to entrust them even with bodyguards.

Tim hug her. He was so happy, Alex's feelings and care towards the kids is immeasurable. She was like a mother to them.

Okay babe… If I have spare time, we will do that together.

Uhm..Uhm… I will be living tomorrow at 4pm. I already list down the reminders and things you have to do..haha! I will print it later and put it on the fridge' door.

You are worrying too much and caring for us too much. We might get used to it...said Tim.

She looked at him and smile, I want to give the best care and love to my babies.

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