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   Chapter 23 Dating the Nanny (1)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4054

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:03

Tim, was in the office when Nicole knock in.

Come in.

Hi Tim, said Nicole while smiling. She is wearing a very revealing dress and full make up.

Tim mood was change. What do you need? He asked in annoyance

Oh.. relax, why are you so irritated. Don't you like to see me? Or maybe because you saw the news about you and your nanny? No wonder you always ignore me because your type is her as cheap as a nanny.

Enough! Ms. Lee, are you here to insult her or me?

Oh… are you defending her? Mr. Huang, can't you read the people's comments about your relationship with that woman? Your reputation is at stake…

His stared at Nicole was cold. First Ms. Lee, I don't have a responsibility to explain to you and to people about that photo Second, I make my own choice. Third, what are you implying? That you are much worthy than her? I'd rather spent my life with her than with a woman like you. So, save your energy, because I wont fall for you, never.

You can leave now, you are wasting my precious time. I have to finish my work early…I need to go home with my nanny. He emphasized the word "I need to go home with my nanny".

Nicole was so frustrated and embarrassed. She was so angry with that wo

her eyes and Tim's lips touch hers. She felt butterflies in her stomach. This is her first time to be kissed by a man. While, Tim was his first time to kiss a woman with feelings. He is so gentle and trying to control himself.

They kissed each other until they run out of breath. Tim looked at Alex eyes full of passion and desire. His body's temperature rose, his face was red. Alex saw his desire, but she is not yet ready for the passionate and intimate activity. Tim read what is in her mind.

Don't push yourself. I will wait until you become ready. I will respect that. I have to take a shower.

Alex, nodded in agreement, but before Tim left, Alex hugged him and whispered to his ears

Thank you…

Tim hug her back, and said, you're welcome my love.

And they hug each other very tight.

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