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   Chapter 22 Family (2)

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Tim looked at her in surprise…Can you repeat what you said?

What..Im okay…

After that?

I'd like the kids to enjoy…?

No, you said "our kids"…

Alex smile..

It means…you like to become their mother too? Asked Tim reluctantly

She did not confirm or deny she just simply smiled at him and looked straight in his eyes.

Tim, went out of the car and go to the other side and open her door and hug her..

Really? You made me so happy today babe.

Alex, smile and was so happy to hear him calling her "babe"

She pinched him on his waist…and whisper in his ear

Stopped..our kids are watching..

Sorry, sorry babe… im just so happy today…

Tim opened the door at the backseat and ask the kids to come out. Alex held Juliana's hand while Tim holding the hands of both his boys.

They get inside the mall. Everyone who saw them became envy of the happiness they are feeling.. They are looked so perfect family.

While walking going to the play station. They passed by a photo studion.

Tim grab her hand and ask to have their photo taken.

Alex agreed.

The three kids are seating together. Juliana is in the middle of the 2 boys. Alex and Tim are standing together behind the kids. They looked so happy together.

Tim requested a big portrait of the photo and 7 small copies for display in the kids room, alex room, in his room, on the living area and in his office.

They went to play station for the kids. Alex and Tim are walking while holding each other hands. Girls who saw Tim are immediately captivated by his charm while Alex got the attention of the guys. Tim noticed the stare of the guys to his girlfriend. He put his arms to her shoulder.

Tim, what are you doing?

I want them to know that you are only mine.


The gu

ou, too. Replied Alex, Come home for dinner I will cook something.

Okay, I will babe. Bye.


Alex, knew why Tim called. Its about the news. She already knew about it. Carol called her about it. Also her friend working in the biggest news and advertising agency in Paris called her. Actually, its nothing to her. No one will pay attention on her as she maintain her life private, she was worried about Tim and the kids. They about to go to school what if they get bullied because of this. And also, it will affect Tim's reputation.

Mel, did you know who publish that news?

Yes, they are just small time agency. I am wondering why they pay much attention on this news. What are they after? Do you know someone from that agency?

Don't worry, Al. I will investigate about it. But wait, why are you not contacting me, you are in Paris, you should have told me.

Thank you, Mel..You know that I don't want limelight, if I were to meet you, people might think highly of me because of your status. I want a simple and private life remember…she laughed a little.

Okay, can we meet somewhere where no one will recognize me?

Alright, plan it. I can meet you anytime.

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