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   Chapter 21 Family

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All the people saw them think that they are family. Alex and Tim are the parents and the three are their kids. They looked so happy family.

The school likewise thought that indeed alex and tim are the parents of the kids.

Hi, Ma'am…greeted the female employee in the school registration office.

Hello replied by Alex. He looked at Tim with the question in her eyes.

Tim also looked at her with "go ahead" signal in her eyes. Both of them understand each other.

So, Alex talked to the employee

Uhm..we wanted to enrol our kids for the next term. Here are their requirements.

The employee took out all the documents and scanned it. Since they are new the in school, there are some documents that needs to be filled in.

Mrs. Huang, kindly filled in this form and sign on the last page.

Alex, smile and about to correct the employee with Tim interrupted

Thank you, Miss, Said Tim while smiling.

Mrs. Huang, Let us fill this up.

Alex was speechless to what Tim said. But it made her happy. Being Mrs Huang is one of the best thing that could happen to her life.

Auntie, can we play? Asked Justin.

Alex look at Tim asking permission and she understand what in his eyes allowing her to give permission the kids.

Okay, but just only within the area where we can

ing for an answer now. Think about it. I am willing wait. Said Tim

Alex has a lot of questions, but can't get over yet to Tim's confession. She likes Tim too… this is the first time she will make a decision without thinking further and without weighing the risk. I am risking my heart. What if this won't happen again. A man like Tim will come in our life just once, It is better love now and lost than to never have love at all..she wont let her love run away from her.

Tim stopped at the mall. Ok, kids, what do you want to do? Play or eat?

The kids replied, play and eat after!!!!

Tim laughed… Alex found him so adorable when smiling and laughing.

Are you okay with that Alex? Because if not, we will go home now

Im okay, I'd like our kids to enjoy.. she said it while smiling.

Tim looked at her in surprise…Can you repeat what you said?

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