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   Chapter 20 Atty. Alexandra Yang (4)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4365

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Nicole was so stressed about the case. She needs to properly cover everything. And make sure that her and company name will not be dragged of the issue. She erased all the transactions with those people that will link her to the crime. However, Alex already got hold of every evidences. She just waiting for the trial to start. And, to avoid this to prolong, she has other plans.

Villa hotel

Employees already knew the case filed against some of their colleagues. HR also prepared necessary documents related to the employment of those accused. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors was surprised to the case files against Mr. Yu. They are questioning Alexis about his decision. He explained to them the issue and crime committed by Mr. Yu.

I have evidences in my hands. But I cannot provide it to you now until the trial is not yet started for security purposes. This issue happened because I was too trusting to present and provide everything to you. So, if anyone of you have plans to betray the company, you can do so but prepare for the consequences. We will not tolerate this kind of deeds, it might affect the company but we won't allow it to knock us down.

Lastly, investments was put on hold by the investors until the case was settled. Do not worry, if after this I cannot secure the partners

was so excited. Yes, common dad, make it fast!

Tim was surprised because no one in his life bothered to buy clothes for him. It made his heart happy.

He get the shirt from Alex hand and take off his shirt. Alex was surprised.

Kids, don't look at your dad..close your eyes. He is took off his shirt. The kids immediately close their eyes as well as Alex. Tim laughed, seriously?

O yes.. Mr. Huang, it is not proper to take of your clothes in front of me and the kids. Are you done?

Im done! Said Tim while laughing.

When the kids saw his shirt, wow!!!!!! the same as ours! Exclaimed Justin.

Juliana clapped her hands. Auntie and me are the same too. Dad and you big brother Justin and Jarred are also the same. Yes!

Alex was smiling. You look good, you should wear simple shirt like these often.

Tim was happy with what alex said.

Lets go..

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