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   Chapter 19 Atty. Alexandra Yang (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3693

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Meanwhile, People involved in the crime receive the copy filed by Villa Hotel Group, Nicole was so angry and frustrated as how did they discover the crime. She made sure that no evidence will be traced, how they knew? The people he paid to do it was all caught and accused. If worst comes to worst they might turn against her to save themselves. I need to make a plan before they could go against me.

He called one of her friend and requested to do a job. Threaten all the families involved in the case and made sure that they talk against her. Especially, Mr. Yu and Mr. Kang.

Alex woke up a bit late. When she went down to have look for the kids, they already had their breakfast and studying. She also Tim looking a documents in the living room.

Good Morning, she greeted them with a smile

Good Morning, auntie alex

Morning..said Tim. Eat your breakfast, its still on the table.

Alex, smiled on his statement, although it is emotionless still he ask her to eat breakfast.

She went straight to the table and look at the food. She prepared for herself a coffee. She is drinking it while

. If I have to review something or do related to my job in your company. We can do it via video call. I can also look at the kids homework if needed. Anyway, it is only 1 week.

Where are you going? Asked Tim

Alex was surprised and at the same time confused. Why he is asking about it, is he caring for me? Is he going to miss me? Huh..Alex keep away this thought in her mind because she knows her place in this house in Tim's heart.

I have to do something personal. Replied Alex to avoid him from further question

Tim did not reply. He knew that Alex will go back to Singapore to help her Parents.

Okay, tell me your schedule so that I can arrange temporary nanny for the kids.

Thank you, said Alex with a wide smile.

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