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   Chapter 18 Atty. Alexandra Yang (1)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5188

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Villa Hotel

Issues with Villa Hotel is getting worse. The Board of Directors are pressuring Alexis to settle the issue and find an immediate solution, otherwise, they will withdraw their investment and transfer to Lee Mansion Group. Hearing this, Alexis became tensed however, he did not show his emotion in front of the Board. I have a plan. I just need time. We will solve this issue sooner. Trust me. He said this just to calm down the Board, but in reality the issue had gone uncontrollable, with stock price going down and cash flow is deteriorating. If this problem will persist for several months, the company will have no choice but to cut down operation cost to continue operating until he finally implemented their plan.

Alex previously proposed that they put on hold all the expansion plans to recover from the money stolen from them. And, file a case against Lee Mansion and the people behind the problem. With this, they will extend their time to get additional investors to funds their future plans.

She has been busy during the night preparing for this case. Her room became her office while away from home. In her mind, Tim is totally clueless about her identity but in truth, Tim was fully aware of her background.

Boss, according to my source, the board of directors of Villa Group is pressuring Mr. Yang to solve their issues. Mr. Yang seems confident that they will solve the issue soon. I guess Ms. Yang is helping him out. Boss, are you not going to help Ms. Yang, anyway she is your future wife.

Alex called her friend

he ingredients, equipment and even provide training for the staff of the franchisee to maintain the standard and quality of service and products being served. She is working until late night when Tim noticed that the lights in her room was still on.

Tim, slightly open the door and found alex sleeping, her face in her arms on top of the table. He looked at the papers and saw the documents pertaining to villa and the case filed as well as evidences. He was not surprised to see Lee Mansion was one of the involved. He also saw the documents she reviewed and made corrections and suggestions. While in her laptop was proposals. His future wife works so hard. He tried to wake her up but due to tiredness she is sleeping soundly. He carried her to the bed and wrap the blanket her body and caressed her hair. Tiredness is evident in her face. He wanted to wrap her in his arms but controlled himself. He felt something getting hard in his body. He kissed her in the forehead and immediately went to his room and take a cold shower.

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