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   Chapter 17 Nicole (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3599

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In the evening, when Tim arrive home he is expecting Alex to greet him with a smile and they will have dinner together. But, this evening no trace of alex in the living room and kitchen. Instead, the servants greet him.

Good evening Tim, He just replied with 'uhm' where is Alex and the kids?

The servants looked at each other before answering. Tim notice it. There is something wrong happened.

Uhm.. Ms. Yang is in her room and the kids are also in their room. The servants replied

Why? Did they eat their dinner?

Not yet Tim. We will prepare the table now.

The servants did not answer to Tim's question. So he went upstairs and knocked on the door of Alex room. She is lying in her bed, thinking if still worthy to stay in the house and Tim's side. He has now Nicole in his life. When she heard a knock in her door. She lazily open it and was surprised when she saw Tim. She just wearing a loose T-shirt without pajama. Tim looked at her. She was so alluring. He felt hot and the sexual sensation within him that is sleeping for a long time was awaken with th

tter to me at all. Alex said it without looking at Tim and with sense of pain.

Is she jealous? Is she thinking that they really has romantic relationship? With this thougth, Tim became happy..his future bride is getting jealous.

By the way, Tim change the topic. I already decided on the school they are going into. With these, Alex looked at him and change her mood into a bright one.

Really? Kids, you are going to school!!

Yes!!!! The kids became happy and cheered.

I will enrol them tomorrow.

No need, I already asked Thomas. Everything is set.

Yehey!!! The dining hall was filled with cheer from the kids.

Alex, smiled and look at Tim and said, Thank you.

Tim, smiled back and nooded.

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