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   Chapter 16 Nicole (1)

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Tim looked at her in surprise and smile back at her. You really wanted this uh…It seems you know my answer to this. As a children psychology graduate she knows well about this.

Okay, I will looked at it.

Yes! Okay… what do you want for dinner? I will cook for us….

Haha! Is that my reward?

Uhm…sort of…I don't have anything to do so better to cook and keep myself busy.

Okay, then… whatever you cook I will eat it…It will be for sure delicious.

Haha! Really?

They are both happy about their conversation. They are already opening up to each other. Tim is enjoying every moment with Alex. He really thinks highly about her more after he knew her true identity. While Alex, admired Tim based on what she observed while staying in their house.

Nicole, on the other hand is figuring out how to get close with Tim. If she will get close to his children chances of her being noticed is high. So she the next day, she visited Tim's house and brought presents for the kids. She got their address from her secretary.

After convincing the guard and servants who she is, they let her in. She saw the kids are playing in the garden.

Hi kids!

The kids were startled.

Hello, I brought presents for you, come look at them.

The kids are not moving and just staring at her.

Alex heard the voice and went out from the kitchen. She was surprised to see Nicole in Tim's house. She look at her in surprised but hide it. Nicole was also surprised to see her.

You look familiar, did we meet before?

Uhm.. No.

O yes, Im sure we did not meet before, a servant like you there is no chance that can rub an elbow with us. Mockingly said Nicole

Auntie Alex, said Juliana.

Alex looked at the kids direction.

Hi Sweetie, are you hun

u if he knows your attitude? I don't think so…Stated by Alex

With these Nicole, change her mood and said proudly…Oh.. Tim still wanted to be with me, he knows me well. He loves me and willing to give up everything just to please me. Yours and life existence is in accordance to my will. If request Tim to dismissed you Im sure he will do it…don't think highly of yourself, poor servant.

With these word, Alex was so hurt not because Nicole mocked her, but because Tim must be really in love with her.

I will ask Tim next time that will visit here, he must be around so I don't need to see your face! And she turn around and headed to the door.

The maid witnessed what happened. They consoled Alex.

Just shake it off Ms. Yang, that woman is vicious. She thinks highly of herself. I don't think our boss will like her. She has a bad attitude.

Im okay, don't worry about me. Alex said calmly. Can we eat? I will call the kids now.

Alex went to Juliana's room. Sweetie, lets go we will eat now. She opened the door and she saw the three kids are sad and sitting on the bed.

What is the matter? Why are you all so sad? Come, we cooked your favourites…

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