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   Chapter 15 Investigation (4)

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Nicole Lee tried her best to get a schedule with Tim. Because of annoyance, Tim give in and told her to that he is free in the afternoon.

Okay, Tim I will see you this afternoon at the restaurant of near in your office.

Tim was so disgusted on how she called his name. But he remembered about the information she hand over to Thomas and how she got those. He had a plan. He will try to squeeze much information from Nicole as many as possible to help her future-bride.

And, speaking of her, his phone rang it was alex

Hi, Hello, Uhm.. uh.. Tim.. I cannot accept the job. But I can help you oversee it. I need time for the kids and for other matters. Tim knew what "other matters she is talking about"

Okay… about the kids, I will hire nanny for them, but of course you can still take care of them…

I think, no need for that, I can take care of them. Protested by Alex.

Yes, you need, as some of your time will be dedicated to some work, sometimes you have to travel. Who will take care of the kids in you absence? Tim replied

Alex, became silent.

Let us talk about it tonight.


While in the house, Alex decided to cook for dinner. She went to the kitchen and checked all the ingredients available. She cooked sweet and sour spareribs, sauté vegetables with quail egg and corn soup. For dessert she made fruit salad.

When Tim arrived. He smelled the mouth watering food. Alex went out from kitchen.'re already here.. come, let us have our dinner… I will call the kids.

The five of them enjoyed their meal. Tim from time to time glanced at Alex. His heart is blissful. Had he known earlier that his future bride would be alex, he could have speed up the marriage. This woman can do a lot of things without troubling others, she is

. Can I talk to you for a moment?

Huh?! O…Okay.. Tim was surprised.

Okay, come let us have a sit.

Tim was confused on what are they going to discuss.

Uhm.. Tim, I am just concerned about this. Uhm…I think the kids should be sent to the classroom rather than home schooled. They are missing a lot in their young age. I have nothing against homes schooling because it will really equipped them academically but I think the most important part of their life is their experience of having friends, school activities, discover what they want and capable of, improve their social life and EQ. They must be having fun at this stage of their life.

Tim looked at her while discussing this things, she looks like a real mother who is so concerned to her kids and him as her husband asking his permission of her plan.

What do you think?

I think that is alright, but we have to give extra time for this things

Its alright I am here I can look at their school works and attend to their activities whenever there is a need.

If you will allow them, here are the list of schools I researched which I think well for them, she said and hand over the files to him while smiling.

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