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   Chapter 14 Investigation (3)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4493

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Nicole, went to the office of Tim and commanded the secretary of where Tim's schedule. Linda, was annoyed but didn't show it. This woman has really a terrible attitude she said to herself. May I know your name please…

Nicole said in a very proud and arrogant manner, You don't know me? I am the future wife of Tim. Can you tell me his schedule? I will surprise him.

Linda, frowned. She can't believe that his boss will choose this kind of woman. Totally different from my boss' manners and attitude.

Faster! Nicole shouted. Everyone is looking at their side.

M..Ma.. Ma'am, I am sorry, but boss has no available schedule for this month. If you like, you can ask him directly. He is the only one who can decide about his schedule.

With these, Nicole became angry. Useless! She angrily shouted Linda.

Tim's mood had changed when he receive the report from Thomas. Villa Group is really doing well, is just that, there are traitors in the company. Who is behind all these? And what are their motives? He said these in his mind.

Boss, according to my source, Ms. Yang is currently cooperating with his dad secretly. She is working again behind the scene. She already knew who is the culprit but was gathering hard evidence.

Tim's mood became colder and blank. He needs to help her future-bride. But it has to be discreet, she wi

is. That's it. I won't disclose anything unless we are protected. You know me. Trust me…

Okay. Alexandra, I am trusting you. Don't you dare to drag my name in this…warned by Vernice.

I will always protect know that…

Vernice, was Alex close friend when they were in college studying finance and economics. They became good friends even after college. Alex help Vernice to secure her job as the CFO of the Bank.

Okay, here you go. The account number is owned by Mr. Ryang Kang. He is employed at Lee Mansion Group.

Okay, its enough. Thank you, Vernice. I'll see you soon.

After she gathered this information, Alex called her dad.

Hello dad, the account is owned by Mr. Ryan Kang, and he is employed by Lee Mansion Group. Please investigate everything about him dad. We should collect as many evidence as possible before filing a case. They should not get out of it.

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