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   Chapter 13 Investigation (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3518

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:02

Boss, I have the information you want about Ms. Yang. Said Thomas over the phone.

Okay bring it in my house. I will wait for you.

Right away boss.

Tim look at the files. And was so shocked. No wonder she knows a lot. She is the sole heir of Villa Group. So it means, she will be her bride. With this, Tim's heart jumped for joy.

Boss, Ms. Yang maintained her low profile. Very few people knows that she is an heiress. Even if the people in the Villa Group doesn't know her because she distance herself from the company to protect her privacy. She is working behind the scene. She is also active in the charity. She is helping this particular orphanage. As to her education, she finished 5 courses in just 4 years, children's Psychology, International Finance and Economics, International Law, Tourism and Hospitality and Computer Engineering. She was previously enrolled in Architecture but did not finished it.


Boss, she is arranged to be your bride. But only your parents and Ms. Yang parents knew about it. No one in the industr

money embezzled from our company? Who is the beneficiary? I think it is better also to look at that side. So we can connect their relationship. If we can prove this, we are hitting 2 targets with one bullet.

Also, we can file a case to those who illegally released the confidential information of our company to our competitor.

Huh? What do you mean?

Uh…I heard that someone leaked the confidential information to Lee Mansion Group.

Really? I did not know that….!

Don't worry, I will handle that.

Thank you, my baby girl.. I missed you a lot.

I missed you too dad.

The next day, Boss, here are the information you needed about Villa.

When Tim saw the files, he was shocked!

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