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   Chapter 12 Investigation

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 2765

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Alex, pondered for a while and look back what just happened in her life. She was the sole heiress of Villa Hotel Group of Companies. They have presence around the world. This company was from a very humble beginning. That is why even their family is now a billionaire they did not forget how to give back to the needy and in the community. They are living like a normal person except that Alex is arranged to get married to the son of the real estate tycoon in Paris. However, she is allowed to do whatever she wants until the marriage has been settled.

A month before the wedding, Alex run away from their home to escape from the trap of being married to the man she doesn't love and have not meet yet.

Alex flew to Paris without knowing where to go and how to live. Although, they have branch in Paris, she did not stayed

ugh from her parents and friends. They are so worried to her. She decided to send a message to her parents. Hi Mom and Dad, I am okay don't worry about me. Give me some time. I will come back once I am ready to get married.

How can I live my life with a man that I didn't not know yet. And the kids how can I tell them about the marriage. And most importantly, my man…she already claimed that tim is her man. Does she really like him? Does Tim likes her too? And what about Nicole Lee… A lot of things running in her head without a single answer.

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