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   Chapter 11 Villa Hotel (2)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5031

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

Tim gave her their current issues on their franchises of their restaurant chain. Here, you can study this one and give me your inputs.


While reading, Tim is staring at her.

Alex, saw him. Is there a problem? Do you need anything?

Nothing, while smiling

Alex heart beat faster. What is he doing? While he is staring at me? Does he find me attractive? Omg, don't tell me you like me tim….ahhhhhhh! Im so kilig! This was said in her thought.

Uhm.. tim, you are having a problem with your franchisees and your operations and finance department proposed to revoked their franchise agreement.


I totally disagree with them.

Tim was surprised and excited to hear what will be her proposal

First, it is your responsibility to help them grow. Second, this people invested their hard earned money to gain and they put their trust in you. In this situation that they needed you most and yet your people are going to take away their business and just abandon them? Instead of coming up a total solution to a problem, your people are proposing a temporary solution. This issue will continue to exist of not given a proper resolution.

So, what will be your proposal.

Since, the issues are control over them and profit maximization, I suggest that, your company will be the one to find a good location for the franchisee and it must be under your group of companies. It will be better if it is under a separate company name to properly account and monitor the earnings and respo

dy who the culprit is. But I also need to know who among our people are stabbing behind our back. I am sorry dad, I should be helping you now. Dad, can I not get married to the man you chose for me, can I just choose the man I love.

Darling, do you want to share something with me?

Uhm..uhm… I think I found the one dad. Well, im not yet sure. But I need some time to get to know him more. But I am worried that you might not like him because he is not the one you chose for me.

Her dad became silent for while. She heard only sigh from him. Dad, don't worry, I will help you with the company. I may not step in as the CEO at the moment, but I will work behind the scene. Comforted Alex.

Take your time darling. Mom and Dad are just here. Whatever happens we will be into this.

After hanging up the phone. Alex tears begun to stream from her face. Her parents are so loving, understanding and caring. She is lucky to have them. I will definitely do all the best that I can to help them.

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