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   Chapter 10 Villa Hotel

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 4957

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Alexis is the current CEO of the Group, he plans to hand over the position to his only daughter when the right time comes. However, with the current situation, it seems that it will not soon. His daughter is hiding from them. Sometimes he is asking himself if he is doing the right thing? Is it right to force his daughter to get married for the sake of the company? He missed his baby girl so much. Alex has been a good daughter to them. Whatever they asked them to do she followed. Well, except for getting married to a guy they chose for her.

A knock on the door was heard, Mr. President, Mr. Yu wants to see you.

Okay, Mel please let him in.

How are you Mr. Yu, what brought you here said Mr. Yang while smiling

Uhm.. Mr. President, our competitor Lee Mansion has a plan to expand in Italy, they are trying to convince Huang Holdings to partner with them. Do you have any plans in mind? The Board would like to know what is in the table. You better fastrack the partnership with Huang Holdings before they snatched the position in the Italy market.

I am working on it Mr. Yu. You and the rest of the directors don't have to worry. Everything is under control.

No one in the Board knew about his plans about the marriage of their daughter to Huang family and his relationship to the elders of huangs.

Mr. Yu, called someone.

Hello, Lee

Hi Mr. Yu, any good news?

You better speed up your plans to win huang holdings before Mr. Yang convince them. He assur

excuse me.

Alex, rushed to her room she was became too tensed and worried. If the financials of the company was true, her dad might be in the dilemma right now. Is this the reason why they want me to get married to a rich family. She asked in her thought.

Tim was impressed to Alex. He has a lot of something to discover with this woman.

With her demeanor she looks like from a family of businessman, but how come she is willing to become a nanny.

Thomas, bring all the other documents in the office in my house now. Instructed by Tim.

Okay boss…

In less thn 30 minutes, Thomas arrived with a pile of documents in his hands.

Boss, here are the documents you asked me to bring.

Put it in the table. You may leave.

Huh?! Boss is in the bad mood. But when was the time that he is not?

Tim went upstairs knocked on the door.

Alex open the door and was stunned to see Tim..

T..Tim, do you need anything?

I have a job for you to keep you busy. Come down.

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