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   Chapter 9 Alexandra Yang (6)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3882

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

After breakfast, Alex help the servants in the kitchen. Tim just observing her while the kids are playing in the garden. Tim opened the television and out into global news channel. Airing is the news about the current economic trend as well as the industry outlook of hospitality industry and real estate industry. Alex is watching attentively when Tim glanced at her. He frowned and was confused. How can an ordinary employee have an interest in global news. Even Thomas gets bored at this kind of news, but alex is focused in the news and it seems that something is running in her mind. He opened the documents sent by Thomas and scanned it. He pucker his brow and his mood was changed. It was seen by Alex. She knew that there is a problem in the business.

Uhm… Kids, I will just go in the room. Please be careful. She passed by Tim without looking at him.

In the room, she called her parents.

Hello Mom, how are you? How is dad?

Hi Alex, we are fine and your dad is doing good. Alex sensed something in her mom's voice.

Mom, is there something wrong? How's the company? Are you hiding something from me?

Nothing, alex. When are you going back

g to shoot it the kids hugged his legs to avoid him from running while alex is trying to snatch the ball from him. When Alex is so near to him raising her hands in defence he threw the ball just above alex's hands, she tried to stop the ball but her arms landed on tim's neck and their face is just an inch away from each other. For a few seconds they stared eye to eye. Alex is kilig but was disrupted by the voices of the kids. Daddy got 1 point exclaimed Justin in disappointment.

Uhm… I think that is enough its getting hotter now and you are sweating a lot… I will get snacks for you. The kids was disappointed but was cheered by Tim.

Yes, auntie alex is correct. You win. We will go to the mall before lunch.

Yes!!!!! The kids jumping in joy and excitement.

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