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   Chapter 8 Alexandra Yang (5)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 3421

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

In the study room, Tim heard everything what they talked about. In few minutes all of the children are gathered around Alex lying. Julian is at the right side of Alex while the 2 boys are on her left side. Good night Juliana, goodnight Justin and Jarred. All of them said in chorus, goodnight auntie alex. Since its already late night, the kids fell asleep immediately. Alex is not sleepy yet. She is thinking her parents and her commitment. What will happen to the kids when she get married. She fell asleep with these thought in mind. When they all sleeping soundly, Tim went inside the room and stare them. This is the first time that the kids sleep with their nanny. He stared at Alex, her beauty is so captivating. Her red lips seems like inviting for a kiss. Her eyebrows and nose complimented her small face. Her skin is so soft and white and flawless. Her hair is silky and black.

Without him knowing he already caressing alex's hair. He felt a burning sensation in his body. He kissed Alex in the forehead and left

e was astonished to what he saw. A complete family. Mother, Father and children.

Good Morning boss, I just came to give you this document.

Hi Thomas, Good Morning…Kids, say good morning to uncle Thomas.

Did you had your breakfast Thomas? Come, join us.

Tim's frowned. Thomas saw it. He smile. I had my breakfast at home Ma'am Alex.

What did you call me? Her eyes became big. No, please don't call me that again. Just call me by my name. Thomas lowered his head.

You can just put the documents in the sofa.

O..Okay boss. If you have no other order, I will go back to the office now.

Tim just nodded.

Bye, uncle!!!

Thomas just waved and smiled and left

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