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   Chapter 7 Alexandra Yang (4)

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO By Felicity Characters: 5007

Updated: 2019-01-08 12:01

At night, Alex called Carol and shared the offer of Mr. Huang to her. What?! Are you sure Alex? Kids are not easy naughty, taking care of them is not easy, do you know how to handle children? Without Carol's knowledge, Alex is experienced person in handling children. She habitually went to orphanage back home in Singapore. Also, she took up children's psychology as her first course in college.

I am planning to accept the offer, Carol. It may not give me professional growth but I will try said Alex. Anyway, it won't take long. I have to go back to Singapore. Narrated by Alex in her thought. Can you think it over and over again before accepting please…request by Carol. Then they said good night to each other and hung up the phone.

In less than a minute after hunging up the phone, it rung again. It was a new and unsaved number. She hesitated to answer but it continuously ringing…so in the end she decided to answer. Hello? Auntie Alex! Astonished Alex.. Juliana?

When are you coming home?

Oh..sweetie, its already late at night..did you had your dinner? Why are you crying? Don't cry baby… where are your big brothers?

Yes, auntie we had already ate our supper, they are here answered Juliana while crying.

Can you give the phone to Jarred?

Hello, Auntie Alex, its Jarred. What happened Jarred?

We ask Juliana to go to sleep but she is looking for you, she also wanted to talk to you. Can you tell her auntie to go to sleep?

Okay, Jarred, can you put on speaker pho

is connected to Tim's study room. Baby, what happened? Why did you cry?

Because I miss auntie…, I missed you too while hugging her..did you forgot what I told you? I will come in few days, because auntie has something to do…And I also said that you follow daddy's order..

Juliana did not answer..instead she continued to cry..

Stop crying baby… don't worry I will stay by your side tonight okay…she hugged and kissed Juliana…Baby, can we sleep now? Juliana nodded. Oh..can you take a bath first and change your clothes. I will bathe you. She looked at Justin and Jarred, boys, you did well tonight, good job! Give me five! Said Alex while smiling. Continue doing that okay? You really a big brother to Juliana.

The two boys are smiling…

Can you also take a shower and change to sleeping clothes?

Okay, Auntie Alex. Can we sleep here with you too? Asked Justin

Huh?! Are you sure?

Yes, auntie.

Okay, go..take a bath first and change.

Yes! Let's go Justin!

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